Volume 1 Issue 1
February 2013

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September 2013

Volume 2 Issue 1
February 2014

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September 2014

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February 2015

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September 2015

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February 2016

Volume 4 Issue 2
September 2016

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February 2017

IJETMR Volume 1 issue 1, February 2013

01. Title: Mobile Forensics and Damage Recovery of Forensics Evidence Images
Author (s) : Shilpi Dubey, Prof. Nitesh Dubey PDF(PDF Full Text)

02. Title: A Survey on Cooperative Caching in Wireless p2p networks
Author (s) : Kreti Dubey, Rishav Dubey, Sandeep Sahu PDF(PDF Full Text)

03. Title: Mobile Cloud Computing: A Comparison of Application Models
Author (s) : Nidhi Thakur, Pooja Purohit PDF(PDF Full Text)

04. Title: Clone Attack Detection Procedures in Wireless Sensor Networks – Classification & Analysis
Author (s) : Rishav Dubey, Sandeep Sahu PDF(PDF Full Text)

05. Title: Web Data Clustering & Mining
Author (s) : Anubhuti Sukrit, Neha Yadav PDF(PDF Full Text)

06. Title: Web Data Mining Using Clustering Algorithm
Author (s) : Ankita Dubey, Aastha Sukrit PDF(PDF Full Text)

07. Title: Data Mining & Data Warehousing
Author (s) : Krati Bakshi, Namita Saggar PDF(PDF Full Text)

08. Title: Secure File sharing on LAN
Author (s) : Neha Rajak, Aranta Chatterjee PDF(PDF Full Text)

09. Title: Security of Network by RSA Algorithm and Block Cipher
Author (s) : Mayuri Khatri PDF(PDF Full Text)

10. Title: Advance Channel Aware AODV Routing Protocol in Mobile Ad hoc Network
Author (s) : Shubham Baronia, Guide: Harsh Kumar Singh, Co-Guide: Javed Akhtar Khan PDF(PDF Full Text)

11. Title: CAL and CALL: Contrivance in Enhancing Teaching–Learning
Author (s) : Dr (Mrs) Anupama Verma PDF(PDF Full Text)

12. Title: Survey on Medical Information System in Rural Area for Diagnosis Disease
Author (s) : Mrs Smita Jain, Guid: Er. Abhishek Choudhary, Co-Guid: Dr. I. K. Khanna PDF(PDF Full Text)

13. Title: Design of GPS Navigator that Identifies Maritime Boundary
Author (s) : Ankur Shukla, Laxmikant Tiwari, Prof. Garima Arora PDF(PDF Full Text)

14. Title: Analysis of QoS Parameters in Cognitive Radio using a new Fuzzy Rule
Author (s) : Ankita Awasthi PDF(PDF Full Text)

15. Title: Operating System (Linux & Unix)
Author (s) : Kanchan Chawla. Deepali Bhisekar PDF(PDF Full Text)

16. Title: Verification Procedure for Different Structures
Author (s) : Abhishek Pandey, Prof. Roshni Dubey PDF(PDF Full Text)

17. Title: CBIR System through Wavelet Transform and Hierarchical Neural network
Author (s) : Prof. Sheeba Charles, Pankaj Kumar Paroha PDF(PDF Full Text)

18. Title: Analysis and Research of Cloud Computing System to Comparison of Several Cloud Computing Platforms.
Author (s) : Anukriti Shrivastava PDF(PDF Full Text)

19. Title: Dual Band Rectangular Microstrip patch antenna for C band and Ku Band Applications.
Author (s) : Sarman Kumar Ahirwar PDF(PDF Full Text)

20. Title: Paper Presentation On: “Danger Alert” Application For Women And Crime Victims
Author (s) : Sunil Kumar Patel PDF(PDF Full Text)

21. Title: Use of Microbial Fuel Cell for the Evaluation of Power Generation
Author (s) :Dr. Rani Ayachi, Dr. Hemlata Bundela, Amit Khare PDF(PDF Full Text)

22. Title: Democratic-Power Tool
Author (s) :Smita Babele PDF(PDF Full Text)

23. A Most Efficient Price based Tatkal Scheme for Indian Railway
Author (s) :Saurabh Singh, Abhay Katiyar, Samar Upadhyay, Mayank Kumar PDF(PDF Full Text)

24. Data Link Layer
Author (s) :Anamika Tiwari, Kushal Agrawal, Kirti Singh, Neha Jha PDF(PDF Full Text)

25. Android Operating Systems
Author (s) :Saurabh Bhardwaj, Priyanka Chouhan, Richa Sharma, Preeti Sharma PDF(PDF Full Text)

26. Barcode Scanner
Author (s) : Madhukar Shukla, Arunabh Dubey, Rimpy Jaggi, Rimita Paul PDF(PDF Full Text)

27. Bluetooth Wireless Technology
Author (s) :Prateeksha Gupta, Paritosh Deore, Neha Jha, Sakshi Shukla PDF(PDF Full Text)

28. Content Based Image Retrieval
Author (s) :Namita Saggar, Astha Sukrit, Misbah Lateef, Shilpa Pandey PDF(PDF Full Text)

29. Concurrency Problems in Databases
Author (s) :Preeti Sharma, Paritosh Deore, Parul Tiwari, Richa Gupta PDF(PDF Full Text)

30. Cryptography
Author (s) :Misbah Lateef, Prateeksha Gupta, Paritosh Deore, Rahul Shrivastava PDF(PDF Full Text)

31. Face Recognition System
Author (s) :Priyanka Chouhan, Sourabh Bharadwaj, Prateeksha Gupta, Siddharth Tiwari PDF(PDF Full Text)

32. Review of Intrusion Detection System for Cloud Computing
Author (s) :Ritika Chatterjee, Sakshi Singh Gaur, Sonal Darshaney, Surbhi Shrivastava PDF(PDF Full Text)

33. The Global Positioning System (GPS)
Author (s) :Vandana Saxena, Jyoti Singh, Pranav Sharma, Yogesh Gupta PDF(PDF Full Text)

34. Review on 4G wireless technology
Author (s) :Kajal Mishra, Kanchan Dubey, Amit Pal PDF(PDF Full Text)

35. Honeypot: The Rising Star for Network Security
Author (s) :Apoorva Gangajaliwale, Ajit Kumar, Anjali Chaturvedi, Surendra Sen PDF(PDF Full Text)

36. Study on Innovative Technology: Cloud Computing
Author (s) :Sakshi Singh Gaur, Ritika Chatterjee, Ruchi Kankane, Sana Siddiqui PDF(PDF Full Text)

37. Smart Note Taker
Author (s) :Kanchan Dubey, Kajal Mishra, Pranav Sharma PDF(PDF Full Text)

38. Maintenance of Web Server
Author (s) :Priyam Jain, Smruti Dwivedi, Sayed Faik Ali PDF(PDF Full Text)

39. Windows 8
Author (s) :Harshit Singh, Amit Pal, Saurabh Pandey, Sonal Darshney PDF(PDF Full Text)

40. A Light-Wight for Remote Network Monitoring System
Author (s) :Kanchan Chouksey, Archana Patel, Rahul Malviya PDF(PDF Full Text)

41. Security Threats and Counter Measures on Wormhole Attack
Author (s) :Sachin Arya, Vimal Jhariya, Sourabh Pandey, Shivani Rao PDF(PDF Full Text)

42. Deadlock
Author (s) :Vaishali Sharma, Vandana Saxena, Richa Sharma, Pankaj Pandey PDF(PDF Full Text)

43. Chat Server
Author (s) :Priya Kumarai, Richa Bajpai, Rashmi Sharma PDF(PDF Full Text)

44. Software Development Life Cycle & Process Models
Author (s) :Paritosh Deore, Prateeksha Gupta, Preeti Sharma, Sanket Raina PDF(PDF Full Text)

45. Software Testing
Author (s) :Harsha Gupta, Monisha Thakur, Harshit Singh, Satyam Soni PDF(PDF Full Text)

46. Advanced OFDM Systems for Terrestrial Multimedia Links
Author (s) :Shifali Singh, Shobhana Shrivastava, Vinay Rajpoot PDF(PDF Full Text)

47. Cognitive Radio Systems:Realization and Technical Aspects
Author (s) :Priyal Soni, Praveena Singh, Saurabh Thakur, Shobhit Verma PDF(PDF Full Text)

48. Comparison of Fractal Antenna and Yagi-Uda Antenna.
Author (s) :Rehan Lakhera, Rashmi Jaiswal, Prof. Garima Tiwari PDF(PDF Full Text)

49. Electronic Cigarette
Author (s) :Sumit Kumar Mishra PDF(PDF Full Text)

50. New Era Fractals
Author (s) :Prateeksha Tiwari, Ruchika Nagarkar, Surbhi Shrivastava, Shweta Uikey PDF(PDF Full Text)

51. Performance Enhancement of Butterfly Shape Microstrip Patch Antenna by Using Modified Ground Plane
Author (s) :Shrikant Verma, Monika Chauhan PDF(PDF Full Text)

52. Safe Development and Use of Advanced Nanotechnology
Author (s) :Sandhya Gupta, Preeti Lange, Prof. Amit Agrawal PDF(PDF Full Text)

53. Study of “Quantum Cryptography” for Telecom Fiber Optic Cable Network
Author (s) :Shruti Shrivastava. Prof. Amit Agrawal PDF(PDF Full Text)

54. Unsued Wireless Spectrum
Author (s) :Garima Arora, Manisha Vishwakarma PDF(PDF Full Text)

55. Design of Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna at L-Band using EBG Structure for Wireless Communication
Author (s) :Naresh Singh PDF(PDF Full Text)

56. Employee Satisfaction in Organization
Author (s) :Anoop Banerjee PDF(PDF Full Text)

57. Financial Interdendency- A Case Study of Narmada Gelatin Ltd. Jabalpur
Author (s) :Dr. Ashish Mishra, Vivek Dubey PDF(PDF Full Text)

58. Website Generator on Hospital Management System
Author (s) :Devanshu Saraf, Guided by-Javed Akhtar Khan PDF(PDF Full Text)

59. Website Generator for eBooks
Author (s) :Raashi Rakesh, Guided by-Javed Akhtar Khan PDF(PDF Full Text)

60. Exploration of Optical Wireless Connectivity: Free Space Optics
Author (s) :Nidhi Namdeo, Guided by-Javed Akhtar Khan PDF(PDF Full Text)

61. Website Generator for Student Management System
Author (s) :Hardik Gandhi, Guided by-Javed Akhtar Khan PDF(PDF Full Text)

62. Green Supply Chain Management Practices in Textile and Apparel Industries: Literature Review
Author (s) :Neha Nema, Mr. S.R. Soni, Mr. Amol Talankar, Mr. Sourabh Nougriaya PDF(PDF Full Text)

63. Green Supply Chain Management Practices in Textile and Apparel Industries: Research Methodology
Author (s) :Neha Nema, Mr. S.R. Soni, Mr. Amol Talankar, Mr. Sourabh Nougriaya PDF(PDF Full Text)

64. Student Observatory System
Author (s) :Pranav Sharma, Richa Gupta, Parul Tiwari, Guided by Prof. Neha Tiwari PDF(PDF Full Text)

65. Adaptive Trust Based Intelligent Feedback Mechanism for Dynamic Services in MANET
Author (s) :Sheetal Jaiswal, Prof. Shraddha Kumar PDF(PDF Full Text)

66. New Production Technology for Textile Industries
Author (s) :Kailash Rai PDF(PDF Full Text)

67. Shift work and its Impact on Health, Safety and Family Conflict for Working Women: Literature Review
Author (s) :Mrs. Yasho Laxmi Jaiswal, Mr. Sourabh Nougriaya, Mr. Amol Talankar PDF(PDF Full Text)

68. To Assess the Quality Needs of Non Formal Organization: A Case Study of Temple Management
Author (s) :Anil Patel, Sandeep Dubey, Mr. Amol Talankar PDF(PDF Full Text)

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