Guerrilla War (or Guevara in Japan), arcade version, complete game finished with one coin, on normal difficulty. No TAS or cheats used.

Guerrilla War is spiritual sequel to Ikari Warriors. Game is improved in many aspects although the concept stays the same. Controls are the same, you can rotate character in any direction. Visually game is very nice and sound effects are good too. Game can be finished with one coin, yes it requires practice but it can be done (on normal difficulty). Which is harder, Ikari or Guerrilla? Well I think that they are on about the same level.

Game consist from five levels with boss on end of each one. Bosses are not hard if you know the tactic. First three levels are not too hard, but the fourth one requires carefully playing and the fifth one is really difficult, although it’s the shortest in the game.

Tank glitch (watch here 13:06) is very useful for passing fourth level: when you are low on fuel, get out of tank and wait for enemy soldier to highjack it. Kill soldier and enter tank and you’ll see that it’s full of fuel.

Boss fights:

03:55 – First one. He is easy to beat when you have tank.

07:35 – Second one. He is easy since he cannot touch you (only if you play it on easy or normal, on hard and hardest he can reach you with bombs, then you need another approach).

12:17 – Third one also needs tank. Be fast and preserve tank for fourth level (this also works only on easy and normal difficulties).

18:10 – Fourth one.

23:05 – And the last one.

– UnHuman –

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47 thoughts on “✪ Guerrilla War (Arcade) – One coin whole game

  1. 23:09 "Batista was known for climbing on rooftops and shimmying sideways in an alternating fashion while laughing maniacally for hours on end, A habit which lead Che and Fidel to lead the revolution and ultimately overthrow him as he was keeping everyone within five kilometers of El Capitolio awake at night with his constant heavily compressed chuckling."

  2. Without original music, all this stuff is a dummy. Like the third Diablo, which is inferior to the second simply because the second was also woven for a good third (or maybe for the half) by an insanely talented soundtrack.

  3. Coming back to this…

    Even the final boss is lackluster.
    All you do is destroy the turrets and win?

    I see why the Leader turned into a fucking mech at the end, not to mention you actually KILL HIM!

  4. Awsome longplay man, i used to play the arc ver. But never get past mission 3 (1crd) but the nes version i can finish that one.. A the memories of a time when there was no internet and everything was so new… Thanks again man for the upload 😀

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