This video tutorial shows you how to make a laser beam in gamemaker studio the advanced way. After that you can recreate a laser beam, do hit spark and hit impact effect. Basically a beefy dragonball style kamehame. 🙂
Plus a simple way to implement a collision.

Tileset by Matriax CC0

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Egg/Monster by buch CC3 sa by


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12 thoughts on “🔴Game Maker Studio 2 | Advanced – Laser or a kamehameha for beginners

  1. Noob Question: How would I make the laser beam continue until it hits a wall/solid object, instead of having it stop at mouse_x/mouse_y coordinates? Sorry if my question does not make sense.

    For example: A rotating enemy turret that shoots a laser that is only stopped/blocked by a wall/solid object.

  2. In forum Advanced programming section people found out that you can optimize for loops by having VAR you are checking in a loop (for example i < length) and optimize further in cases you already know loop count then use repeat instead.

  3. Hi man !
    Greats videos !
    +1 sub!

    Just need some help after 27:00, how can I make a lazer that kills only one ennemy even if there is many ennemies on the same line ?
    Here is what i tried :

    var hits = collision_line(x, y, xEnd, yEnd, obj_asteroid, 0, 0)

    if (hits > 0)




    the problem is : i'm killing all the asteroid. I knew it but idk how to make that it just destroy the asteroid which is hit by my lazer.
    I would prefer decrease the x_scale/y_scale of the asteroid but let's first see if I can destroy them.

  4. Hey man, how do you make it go in the same line as the character instead of following the direction of the mouse?

    direction = point_direction(o_Player.x, o_Player.y, mouse_x, mouse_y ); -> can the angle be the enemy in front of you? or just throwing in front of you? can you do that?

    Thanks !

  5. hi man! thnx for video.
    Buddy, could you make a video in the development of this video clip, where there will be an enemy who shoots a laser, as he needs time to aim , or that the laser followed the player, something like that?

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