With The Last Guardian about to come out (when I was recording this), I finally head back to play Ico for the first time.
“What is Ico?”
“Ico is a puzzle-platformer and action-adventure video game developed by Team Ico and published by Sony Computer Entertainment, released for the PlayStation 2 video game console in 2001 and 2002 in various regions.”

(From wikipedia )
You can buy Ico and Shadow of the Colussus remastered for PS3 here:

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40 thoughts on “[1] A Helping Hand (Let's Play ICO Remastered w/ GaLm)

  1. omg this game is so charming. I love it.
    I knew about shadow of the colosseous (idk how spell)
    but I dont think I was even old enough to know what ICO was at the time.

    ones thing for sure all 3 games have weird running animation, stupid cameras and spazztic character movements lol its funny

    but damn they all are beautiful for their time.

  2. It's definetely not normal that he keeps slowing down like that while he's running. I think it's more likely that your controller might be broken, because that happened to me too, when I played this game with a broken controller.

  3. Shadow of the Colossus and ICO are not narratively connected, Shadow  does have a few  big references to the previous game, though. And The Last Guardian also has references to ICO and Shadow of the Colossus. They are not part of a sequential story

  4. I hope to see you follow this up with Shadow of the Colossus cause that game.. gave me so many feels. The music is legendary.

    edit: I'm a dummy. You just stated that you've played it before. Is it located on your old channel cause I'm ready for a trip down nostalgic road.

  5. If I remember correctly. the lore for this game and shadow of the colossus is that the protagonist is the descendant or actual son of the protagonist of Shadow of the colossus. Who was transformed to a baby due to plot but raised by his beloved, the girl he was trying to save, in the garden that is at the top of the hub temple in shadow of the colossus. There's more to it but that's basically the connection.

  6. hey galm just so you know at the end of SoTC when your character turns into a collosus then turns into a baby that you are the baby from that game. however since the baby had horns when the kid grows up hes captured and sent here to this game. except from that i think the stories are mostly unrelated(i tend to think the antagonist of this game is also the light in the sky from SoTC but thats speculation).

  7. I total forgot about this game. I never knew the name of the game i saw this is at k-mart when i was little and the demo was at the winding stair part.

  8. This might be the first one of your let's plays of a game I've beaten that I will finish. Such a great series Galm I will be sad if you don't like this and SoTC.
    btw it is E-co but honestly… I don't think anyone, myself included, will blame you for saying I-co. (In japan the sounds of I and E are reversed for the most part.
    PS little known fact this game is co-op

  9. To expand on what Galm was talking back near the beginning of the video, yes, Ico was the first game in the "Team Ico Trilogy" and Shadow of the Colossus was the second, but it served as a prequel to Ico. Basically the ending of SOTC explained how the curse of the horned boys began and why they were stuck in a cycle of reincarnation. There's a great line near the end of that game. The mage who sealed Wander and Dormin in the Forbidden Land said, (paraphrasing) "If it's possible for you to survive in that cursed land, perhaps someday you will atone for what you have done." That ends up being the story of Ico. No, the boy Ico is not the same person as Wander from SOTC, but he is his reincarnation some untold number of years later.

    I love these Team Ico games to death and will probably be gushing on every video, ya'all have been warned.

  10. Also know this you can't die in this game but if the girl gets kidnapped you will fail but if you get hit you be down for well long as gta5 online loading screen

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