Today, we try to repair and restore an old 2001 limited edition, Japanese GameBoy Advance which I bought from ebay Japan for $15.


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40 thoughts on “$15 GameBoy Advance Repair & Restoration!

  1. 😉 I wonder if anyone has made an Indigo GBA SP before? Basically a SP, but the shell would be the exact same color as an Indigo GBA. That is strangely satisfying to think about tbh.

  2. Frankly, I prefer no music, actual sound (with a good Mic), and a little bit of speed-up editing for screw removal and such, but Repair/Restore videos are my favorite. Def NOT boring. Nice job on this btw! Thanks for the video!

  3. That electric toothbrush made me remember the sounds of HorseFlies and they make that annoying noise flying around you…. made me look around just to make sure the noise was coming from the Video lol.

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