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40 thoughts on “1990 Sega Game Gear Repair!

  1. I have a recapped Game Gear but sometimes when I turn the system on with a game in, it shows a white screen. Does anyone know why it's doing that?

  2. How did you know that the problem was in the capacitors ? Is good to explain the reason why you do something. Really great videos from editing to continent and most of them bring nostalgia. Just if you could add more infos would be even better. Keep up the good work m/

  3. I’ve seen most of those comments you posted about your name, I always thought you were clear about your name…but what do I know, I’m just a low level employee shrug

  4. why the hat indoor? is he bald? doesn't seem so, maybe he wears a toupee… or maybe it rains inside? no, looks like it's a sunny day outside… I don't get this fashion thing, bah

  5. If I have any dead pixels on my game gear is it even worth attempting repairs? The dead or stuck looking pixels come and go when I adjust the brightness

  6. Why on earth are you stressing the board so much? You have an iron, use it. That's a 20 year old layer pcb.
    If you're really after a short cut use snips to cut the legs.
    Also invest in some flux, it makes soldering and desoldering much easier.

  7. flexing those components to break them off is a bad choice in case you break the traces inside the board, not heaps common but an annoying thing to have to troubleshoot if it does happen

  8. Purchased my 1st game gear a month ago. I can honestly say I was excited to get a one and when The seller told me it was non functioning I was even more excited lol. Same problems as your video except my sound doesn’t work. I was just wondering if you will do the LCD mod on a game gear and time soon? Unless you’ve done one already the I look for it. Since mine is not working I would really like to do it all at once to enjoy it even more. Thank you.

  9. Please take more time to learn about good practice with soldering. I understand this is not a how-to video but mixing solder chemistry, mechanically removing the components, not cleaning up vented electrolytic fluid can all lead to serious problems with the hardware down the line. I recommend observing how someone like Voultar removes surface mount and through hole components as well as his board cleaning procedure. Your cleaning of the plastics is very well done and the surface of it is beautiful, but please take better care of the core electronics. I only wish to see you improve.

  10. Please please please use solder wick or get a solder sucker!!! I am cringing when you pull stuff off of boards like that. Your component legs should go through the holes in the board so you don't risk peeling traces off the board.

  11. Just like your other GG repair video, you are very incorrectly removing the old capacitors. Your methods are dangerous and your soldering technique needs a lot of improvement. While you may be successful in the short term, this fix will not last.

  12. What a beautiful game gear! I'm happy to have one but I haven't used it since I watched the world cup on it (on the go) via the TV adaptor in 2002, hopefully the capacitors are still ok.

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