Mode Emulation Station Maximus Arcade Launch Box Big Box Android Games GameEx RetroPie Emulators & PC Games Themes. 2019 Media nintendo playstation games ps model 1 Listen, Big Thanks To Simply Austin And All The Other Guys Who Share Their Media And Tips Now I Got A Real Nice Display Of All My Retro Games, Systems Setup Guides RockLauncher Setup. Arcade Punk,Emumovies,RetroHumanoid,Cinemassacre,MetalJesusRocks,Radical Reggie,AVGN, Hyperspin ready roms, hyperspin ready to go media. help tips, free roms download. retropie, hyperpie hyperHQ Settings best hyperspin settings. low end pc settings. media pack system packs artwork pack, wheel pack, bezel, fade,more new hyperspin videos every week . more gameplay,HyperSpinBigBox Cinematic Themes. The FULL step by step guide to show you how to ret up both HyperSpin 1.4 (latest version) and RocketLauncher (latest version).

So many guides out there on how to set these up but none are as up to date as this. What Im doing is a complete system setup with every system, setup and complete with everything YOU need.

I will show you how to get every system you need setup in a weekend. This is the backbone of everything in HyperSpin. Once you have this, I will show you everything and give you everything you need to drag and drop for a complete setup!!

Just follow this guide and you will be up and running. Once complete just take yourself through the playlist (link below) and add the systems you want! I make it as minimum fuss as possible and try to explain everything in a way anyone can understand.

If you have any problems with the setup, want more info or would like to be involved just give me a shout here, on Facebook, Twitter or even on the HyperSpin website. I will always do my best to help anyone get up and running 🙂

**** If you have a …RocketLauncher.dll missing/cant be found error then go to the file in your setup. If its missing check the quarantine area for your virus scanner. If its there then right click/Properties/Unblock tick box. Seems the file caues an issue with Windows or Scanners… it is however a legit file

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41 thoughts on “8-Bit 4K Extreme Mini HDMI Gaming Stick 568 Games w/ 2 Wireless Controllers [2019 Plug & Play]

  1. i have two questions 1) in my tv i can connect the hdmi game stick behind the tv, did it still work as this is connected through infrared ?or 2) should i need to use hdmi extension cable to make game stick visible to controller ??

  2. I'm really interested in getting this but all I keep hearing is that the sound doesn't work, it's not plug and play meaning you have to download extra drivers or software, and the game select screen only works half the time. Am I missing anything else?

  3. I cant use this thing because the HDMI connector on my graphics card is right up against the case…..meaning I cant fit that fat thing in there without disconnecting VGA. Even paid money for a vga projector cable to see if it would work that way and no of course. Of course my sony visio doesnt have hdmi. Well time to shell out another 7 bucks for a small male to female adapter

  4. This thing is junk. The idea is awesome but there is such a huge delay over the wireless transmission that you can hardly play the games. I have a wired retro console and it plays great, with this system I can hardly pass the first level….so stupid.

  5. 1 of the controllers didnt work. No way to pair them. Also, not having an option to back out of a game and go to the main menu isnt good. You have to manually unplug the stick every time you want to change games. Save your $$…..would be cool if it works…but it doesnt….

  6. i just received mine after 3weeks now that i got i plug it into play and only 1 game up f-22 and wont let me get to the other 585 games or whatever can some plz help me im so excited bout playing

  7. Thing is trash. Don’t buy it. I spent $50 then I think my bank charges me a $52 foreign transaction fee because it’s based in China. Over $100 and I just smashed it to pieces with a mallet 30 minutes after receiving it because I was so disgusted.

  8. Just ordered one from ebay 4-6 weeks delivery. I chose this one cuz it is 2.4G instead of infrared controllers. Great for the hotel or visiting friends or for little kids.

  9. Having trouble with mine, some games I can play 2 players and also will not go back to main menu, I have to unplug every time to start over, please help

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