Played by: Eino

Tool-free gameplay on default settings (normal difficulty). Score 430 750, Bullet hit rate 77.9%.

It would seem the second loop should be impossible to complete, but one person has submitted a score of 6,211,200 points at Twin Galaxies. I’m curious what was going on in that play, because all decent score entries and all scores in YT videos are around 400K. Best score from an arcade machine submitted to Twin Galaxies (212,350 points) was done in 1987.

This was played on mouse so it’s much easier compared to original arcade cabinet. MAME won’t record target crosshair, I could get it with FRAPS, but that’s something imo not necessary in video.

Rescued all hostages, but shot one of each civilian to show how they die. Also included fail ending. First loop cleared without using grenades.

Nguồn: https://ijetmr.org/

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35 thoughts on “Arcade Longplay [227] Operation Wolf

  1. I want to work on emulating this game on a mac and nintendo zapper with mame. I only played this on arcade and nes…as an adult i realize the nes version is shit and I'm not paying for the arcade version in 2020, who's down to discuss these things?

  2. Great game …. I remember it at the time of the 80s … Sigh! How many memories … In the video game room, there was always a queue to play Operation Wolf. The novelty was that submachine gun instead of normal controllers. Too bad that, after having done all the first route to the airport, the next phase was identical to the first … only that it was terribly more difficult. I remember that someone rarely managed to finish the second series of missions. As I saw in the video, invariably, in the second stage, it ended with the mission of the jungle, which is really unthinkable, with a really exaggerated level. However, in the versions that came out with "MAME" for personal computers, I sometimes managed to keep going, because, at the end of the first mission of the second series, I always left a single helicopter or armored car, without eliminating it even if it hit me . I waited for the bonuses to come out and often, as a bonus, gave me the drink that worked as a health potion. If I was particularly lucky, several of these potions came out, and with my health restored I faced the jungle scenario better. Unfortunately the trick was not always successful, the drinks did not come out and I was forced to eliminate the helicopter or the armored car without having had any bonus …

  3. Aw man this really hit the nostalgia feels for me…way way back in the early 90's we actually had this game in the little lineup of games we owned at our store… My pops used to play this and now that he's passed it has much more nostalgia for me

  4. I seem to remember it being no where near as generous with the spare clips, how did u amass 9? And weren't there bosses and knife throwing characters requiring multiple hits?

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