A playthrough of Nintendo’s 1989 baseball game for the Nintendo Game Boy, Baseball.

Played a game as the Bears versus the CPU controlled Eagles in USA mode.

It’s essentially the same as the classic first-generation NES baseball game (the equally creatively named “Baseball”), but I have to say, I much prefer this version. Even with the monochrome screen, the graphics and the sound are WAAAAY better, and the gameplay is just as simplistic and addictive as the original. If you want to see the NES version, check it out here:

It’s certainly not Baseball Simulator 1.000, but it never tries to be. I like it that way.
No cheats were used during the recording of this video.

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15 thoughts on “Baseball (Game Boy) Playthrough – NintendoComplete

  1. I own this one and i actually really like this one, despite knowing that there is basically R.B.I. Baseball for Game Boy in the form of Extra Bases. Looking forward to trying to get that and maybe Bases Loaded for Game Boy.

  2. Ah, I love the inception years of the Nintendo Game Boy NC.

    Simple, yet entertaining

    I was there with my parents on launch day at Toys R Us when the Nintendo Game Boy debuted and my parents were looking forward to this unit more than me. Now My folks are from the generation were video games were concerned a waste of time, but they were the few that really participated on purchasing them , and loved it.

    I can honestly say I loved this era for the Game Boy.

    Nice work bro. Keep up the excellent work.


  3. … I found my old Gameboy at my old folks home, but it didn't work, I guess it died after years of leaving it to the dust in the last 20 years :/

  4. Ahh, back in the day when you could get away with just calling a game "Baseball". Much as I dislike sports games in general, the older they are, the more I find I can enjoy them. Pulling out, say, Volleyball or Bowling on the 2600 can be fun at times, if only to marvel at how NOT like the sport they are. You couldn't pay me to play any sports game past the 16-bit days. Ugh.

  5. The gameplay hasn't changed much from its NES heyday, but the Game Boy version has much better graphics and sound. It's still just as classic as it ever was, but somehow better – even on the monochrome screen.

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