You probably see box-sizing: border-box used all over the place. I use it in my tutorials, it’s used in most written and video content I see. In this video, I take a look at what border-box is, and why it’s really awesome.

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34 thoughts on “box-sizing: border-box explained

  1. damn i like the way u explain things u got the thumb up , (if u could just speak a lil bit slower like really a lil bit lol) thank you mate 😀

  2. Thanks to you for all your videos and the recent ones on "building a responsive layout". i do put box-sizing in my code without knowing how it works but this video of yours has explained it. i love the simplicity.
    i have question though, i do see people use *, html and body. what is the difference?

  3. Good tutorial but your voice speed is way to fast and annoying. I'm an undergraduate and inductee in the English Honor Society with a 4.0 PGA, your tutorial gets confusing.

  4. Interesting I am basically a Beginner in HTML5 and CSS3 and I am TRYING to learn how to UN FUCK my web page to look right but what I find interesting about your tutorial is that you are talking to experienced developers and not beginners. DO YOU KNOW OF ANOTHER PLACE I CAN GO AND LEARN THIS ?

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