Baseball review. Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review of Baseball from NIntendo for the Game Boy. Mario Superstar Baseball was a great GameCube game, but that’s only because Mario had experience on the mound. His rookie campaign was actually this game. Baseball is a very early Game Boy game, and in a modern context, it just doesn’t hold up. It’s a top-down retro baseball game similar to R.B.I. Baseball and other games of the era. The problem is it’s so crippled, it’s barely playable. And when you’re fielding, that’s when it’s most evident. I mean, we’ve never seen a baseball game move this slowly. This video review features video gameplay footage of Baseball for the Game Boy and audio commentary from Classic Game Room’s Derek.

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22 thoughts on “CGRundertow BASEBALL for Game Boy Video Game Review

  1. I have to agree that Baseball is the worst game ever. I bought it on amazon years ago assuming I was gonna be playing a good game on my Game Boy and much to my surprise the game was absolutely horrible.

  2. Derek,

    It might not give us the advanced stats, but i'll be damned if we can't sit down with a Game Boy and figure it out!

    Mario –
    WAR – 24.6
    FIP – 1.75
    UZR – 7.2

    Luigi –
    WAR – 0.12
    FIP – 7.98
    UZR – -9001

    Note – those are merely estimates. Let us get to work! SAMBR unite!!!!!!!!!! (Society for American Mario Baseball Research)

  3. "Sabermetrician"??? Wow ….I can tell Derek's a real baseball fan. I think I'd rather play baseball on the 2600 , like I did back in the day. Close call…

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