Today TTPM is reviewing Chow Crown – Musical Food Game (Chow Crown Game) from Hasbro. It’s a full-on snack attack! Hasbro’s new Chow Crown game challenges players to eat the most snacks on their turn. Not so fast, though. You have to catch them on forks that hang off a crown you wear on your head. Keep watching these review videos of kids toys.

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Product Info:
Chow Crown from Hasbro Gaming is a new skill-and-action game for kids ages 8 and up. But the whole family will probably want a bit! Assemble the crown and place it on your head. There will be forks holding snacks dangling in front of your face. Turn on the crown and the snacks revolve. You have to catch them without using your hands! It’s that simple. And it’s that silly. This may be a little challenging as you try to position the forks to the right height and get the momentum going. You’ll have to adjust the crown so it fits each player. Just don’t worry about looking foolish! We guarantee that you will! See it all in this video.

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6 thoughts on “Chow Crown – Musical Food Game for all Foodies | Hasbro Toys & Games

  1. This game sucks such a huge disappointed don't waste money. Crown is heavy and moves all over does not stay on head u have to hold it. Dunno why they didn't put a chin strap instead of the head strap.

  2. If you are hungry, eat all the snacks before the song to win Hi guys, I'm Takara from Family game night and I have Chow crown. The game comes with:
    Crown base
    Crown back and Crown front
    Crown forks
    Crown arms
    Directions Load the forks. We love strawberries and chips. Push the green buttons and then the spinning snacks once all players told a turn the player who ate the most snacks wins. Players ages 8+ can play

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