Freeman Guerrilla Warfare Gameplay with Splat! Let’s Play Freeman Guerrilla Warfare and check out a game barking up Mount & Blade’s heels with guns, grit, and tactical strategy combat!

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36 thoughts on “CITY RAID – Freeman Guerrilla Warfare Gameplay Impressions #3

  1. My issues with this game

    Only ladies can be field medics

    Everyone can see you through everything, but you can't see everyone.

    Protecting your conquered city is practucally impossible

    Unit descriptions are not clear enough.

    No visible upgrade tree to figure out what you want, and what it costs

    Most of your inventory will basically be food.

    Anna dies easily instead of just gets injured, she should have a script or some nonsense to make her "essential"

    Not enough cities

    Too many large bandit groups by level 10

    No outposts? Boo.

    Constructing buildings doesn't seem overly beneficial, and honestly owning a city seems like far more hassle than it is benefit.

    Night time map, wtf is that shit? Oh my lord.

    Night time, you REQUIRE a set of night vision goggles. But the enemy sees you perfectly.

    Shotguns are trash, no matter where you are.

    Vehicles move around really weird.. and get stuck on shit.

    Maps are boring and repetative without much in the sense of cover

    Your units don't seek out cover, they just duck, or prone.

    ARF soldiers seem good, but its hard to make a proper judgment when comparing to other troops.

    Upgrading Anna is sort of a waste, as the injury to death ratio is horrible.

    Should be an ability to set up defenses in the field with engineers or some shit.

    Even if you come up from behind all hostiles know your position, at all times, forever.

    Cannot remove grass unless you mess with coding, boo

    End game armor comes by fairly quickly, but doesn't matter all that much, might save you from a stray shot or two.

    You can't just disband squad, and have those members instantly put on the side, you have to go one by one

    Upgrading soldiers is a crap shoot at first, and even then its rough to tell who is actually good at what.

    Shooting in this game.. is a thing i guess.

    Melee is a dumb idea, forever.

    Only you require ammo, no one else requires ammo.

    Moral system is wonky. Entering a battle with over 120 moral, and same number of troops, 2 minutes in allies are running away even at high veterancy rank and max upgrades

  2. It's a good idea to make 5 man squads as when you level up it's gonna make it more easy in the late game to call in, you should do missions for towns to get REAL money and than buy the good stuff.

  3. I've progressed pretty far right now in the game and I do highly recommend taking over the Uman Brotherhood first. Although they are a strong faction, they do give huge payouts on their big armies. Its also good to take whatever armor you get in battle. Its the best way to get better gear and make more money (most of the armor and such sells for at least 200 or more). Also the contract boards at bigger towns give some amazing quests that give some good money as well. Good lucky Splatty and conquer that world! Also, All weapons do have bullet drop so you want to always account for it. There is only one sniper rifle that doesn't have wicket bullet drop and its like the vnm marksman rifle. It almost always guarantees me to get more kills than my men.

  4. Yes Splatt, we want to see you playing more of this, besides you are so funny in these because you are enoying it , and thats pretty obvious.

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