We’re back for more Civ and I’m joined by Duncan, Sjin, Daltos, Rythian and Pyrion! Sjin wages war on Daltos as we discuss water based doughnuts.
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22 thoughts on “Civ V: Donut Island #1 Water Donut

  1. 15:45 Duncan, people in Michigan call themselves Michiganders, but noble effort 😂 It is actually common in the States to identify with your state as if it were a tiny baby country or whatever.

  2. pyrion should learn to lie. he could ally up with lewis and then invade and take his cities over later game with who ever is on the other side of lewis but no he just flat out says no i wont be friendly and essentially tells lewis he will be hostile and aggressive if lewis doesnt build defences. honestly you could replace pyrion with an AI alexander the great and you would get about the same results

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