Cooking with Arin –
Cooking with Dan –
Cooking with Barry –
Cooking with Suzy –

Items needed-
Rice crispy treats –
lollipop sticks –
melting chocolate –
edible markers –

My circle lenses (Contacts) are from Pinky Paradise –

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43 thoughts on “Cooking With The Grumps BLOOPER REEL!!!!!!

  1. Interesting…. I watched the replay of the Game Grumps stream today and during it Dan was commenting on how he loved the choc coated pretzels that Suzie had made, then Arin and Suzie talked about the Christmas cooking episode they all did years back (which I remembered watching years ago), and now less than half a day later and this blooper video was on my recommended page, i thought that usually happened based on 'what people (who watch what you have watched) also watch', but the newest comment was from 2 weeks ago and the main video only has one comment from 16 hrs ago not mentioning the stream and it's very unlike GG and KKG fans to not mention they have come here because of a reference 🙂

    (EDIT: had KK instead of KKG written above by accident, dammit hehe).

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