DATA FROG 4K HDMI Video Game Console Built in 568 Classic Games REVIEW – Today’s video I review the device called the DATA FROG 4K HDMI Video Game Console Built in 568 Classic Games Mini Retro. Is it worth buying this HDMI NES clone console, or is this game consoles worthless?

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DATA FROG 4K HDMI Video Game Console Built in 568 Classic Games Mini Retro

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45 thoughts on “DATA FROG 4K HDMI Video Game Console Built in 568 Classic Games REVIEW

  1. good review though, i don't totally agree with you. for 10-15 bucks, just hook up and play without brain, is no brainer, really, doesnt expect turbo buttons and sophisticated add-dons. Its good for kids and some nostalgic time to spend. No hard feelings bro, good review. Its 10 bucs !!

  2. i have two questions 1) in my tv i can connect the hdmi game stick behind the tv, did it still work as this is connected through infrared ?or 2) should i need to use hdmi extension cable to make game stick visible to controller ??

  3. Gotta be honest im not real interested in this video specifically but i love ur channel and know u get screwed by youtube so heres a like and a comment for the algorithm:)

  4. there is A rumor that Ash Ketchum memories from pokemon mewtwo strike back was restored i would check the mastermind of mirage pokemon bulbapedia mr protomario i didn't start that rumor mr protomario

  5. Conversation with your kid was funny. But I would like to point out that it's unlikely a CPU issue since almost any device today is more powerful than an NES console. If anything the emulators aren't properly optimized for the hardware, it could also be an unstable emulator build it's running among other things.

  6. cant you just use a amazon firestick for $30 and can emulate a crap tone more then this thing, most people are unaware the Amazon firestick & 4k editions are decent emulations machines, and thats not even the selling point of it

  7. At first I thought it was going to be decent and good when I saw Mario game and then as soon as I heard the sonic music I knew it would suck

  8. That "pokemon" game shown as a preview at the end, i know just what's to come. Got it on a rather hollow feeling 4-in-1 bootleg cartridge with some other rubbish knockoff pokemon games on it back in 2015 or so for my famicom i bought off ebay back then, as they weren't sold here in australia, guess this 4-in-1 one cart would work on my sharp twin famicom too i bought off of there last year too. Not a good game, and you can literally skip the entire game in 15 seconds or so by pressing a button combination, and that's that. An "interesting" game too, one way of putting it.

  9. 7:00 "And it's very easy to transport it downstairs and out the back door, where it will get hurled into the trash, where it belongs."

    Edit: If a "retro" console won't do 4:3, that's an instant deal breaker.

  10. I mean I get why someone might think this is a good idea; cheap and the controller looks like a nes controller. But honestly just buy a flashcart and play it on an actual nes. Or play it in a device that can play emulators.

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