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The Duo Pop is a system designed to turn your iPad into a gaming console that allows players to buzz in with their answers just like they do on game shows.

There are currently five game apps available to download from the App Store, including Saturday Night Live The Game, Guesstimation, Got It!, Highlights Buzz Blast, and The New York Times Swoop. (The game apps are free for a limited time. They’ll eventually be $2.99.) When you start each one, you’ll be prompted to place the Duo Pop control unit next to the iPad. You’ll also be asked if you want to play solo or party. The game then guides you through the set-up and the orientation of the players around the iPad. As you play the different games, there will be chances for you to buzz in and take the next action. Some of the games can be played solely with the poppers, and others require touching the screen at different times.

Duo Pop games are for two to four players or teams. The game comes with four Duo Pop Poppers, a Duo Controller, and an instruction guide.

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