See more of Saturday’s 1-1 draw at Old Trafford as Everton battled for a point against Manchester United. Victor Lindelof’s own goal gave the Blues a first-half lead, before substitute Mason Greenwood struck late on. Subscribe for more match highlights!

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  1. 'Jesse lindgard has still to score this season suprisingly'

    Not suprising at all hes fucking shite. Cant hit the target from 8 yards out. He couldnt hit a 180 with a porcupine.

  2. Can't believe everton let vlasic go so easily without giving him a chance. I mean he is better than any player they have and was among the best two year ago. Only blind man didn't see that.

  3. That shot Luke Shaw take, look at martial running through, and they say martial doesn't make run. Shaw should have passed it through so martial spank that in goal like what he did against Chelsea

  4. They say martial was lazy but look at all those link up play martial play. Lingard should be doing that stuff but martial have to be playing number 10 and still number 9 and people saying negative just show how much you not watching the game smh

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