Who else is a video game or retro collector?
Do you ever witness things that kinda bother you? Hope about things that REALLY bother you? Let’s talk about the pet peeves will all experience while game hunting!

#petpeeves #retrogaming #retrocollecting

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23 thoughts on “Game Hunting Pet Peeves | STOP Doing This While Retro Game Collecting | Toy Hunting Pet Peeves

  1. Once I got scammed by a dude at a garage sale when I was 5 and he sold me a PS2 for $40 telling me, “Wow, it’s so cool that your so young and you like older things! It works, I tested it this morning.” I got home, plugged it in and it didn’t even power on.

  2. When another collector will grab the entire shelf of games put it into a cart and go to the opposite end of the store to sort through them. Like seriously they don’t even buy all the games.

  3. Ok this pisses me the fuck off when I do yard sales. When you post the ad online with pictures and you get 50 messages from people trying to buy you out before it starts for a stupid price. Like I’ll have anywhere from 300-1500 games at any time at a yard sale and people offer me like 100$ before it starts…. are they fucking stupid or something. Another one that annoys me is when I post it’s starting at 9am and I get people dropping by the day before or 7am. Like piss off.

  4. I hit yard sales and flea markets up every week and I always run into the person way way overvaluing their games …and sometimes I politely try to inform them what it's really worth and half the time they have an attitude …like a few weeks ago some idiot had a loose PlayStation classic …just out of curiosity I asked how much thinking maybe $5 …nope guy says $100! I'm like come again? he replies yeah it's worth it because it sells for over $100 in stores… which I reply sorry but it was $100 brand new when it first came out …but most stores now sell for $20 brand new…he then calls me a lier and that I'm trying to cheat him.

  5. None of these are as bad as a seller who puts a sticker on a game/case/box that cant be removed without damaging it or leaving residue.

  6. The reaching for your stuff and personal space–TOTALLY a pet peeve of ours! Had an issue with this at the ToyMan Show with a fellow YouTuber who hovered while I held on to something I was clearly going to buy…

  7. I'm with you with the people grabbing stuff out of your car when you are trying to set your table up!! IT really annoys me too! I pull up and get the tables out and then close the boot and wait for them to disapear now lol
    My no 1 peeve is people who say… "Well on ebay it goes for…" No just no!! If you want to quote ebay prices or store prices… then sell it on ebay! If you are selling at a flea market or car boot sale… its not worth those prices dude! 😉

  8. I go to yard sales all the time and most likely i'll run into someone who is reselling like i do (but i'm also a collector too) and they'll ask me what kind of games i'm looking for. I usually tell them i look for sports games. Look buddy, i'm not going to tell you my secrets or what games sell for the most profit cause you're my competition and it took me years of failures and hard work to get this knowledge!

  9. Yes. I feel the same way. I've held garage sales and I'm just waking up and there are 5 cars ready to buy or ask if I have games antiques or what ever. Lol. I feel ya pain my gee.

  10. A pet peeve I have is when you ask someone if they have any video games and they tell you what they sold yesterday. I don't want to know what you had yesterday, I want to know what you have now.

  11. I miss gaming hunting . Wrong games in the case happens at thrift stores a lot , I once found a copy of Smash Bros Brawl in a sports game case( I wasn’t even mad ) .Great list man !

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