Get ready for a lot of fun and excitement as our beautiful boys delve into the terrors of deep space and deep cuts into the Sierra Online game archive!

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47 thoughts on “Grab your mop! – Space Quest V – The Next Mutation: Part 1

  1. one minute in dan explains that he is indeed not a captain and then arin proceeds to still believe he is a captain and dan must again explain, "nope you're just a janitor" maybe a whole minute later…. Love these guys

  2. Speaking of Mass Effect, you should play Mass Effect 1 on Game Grumps. Just go Femshep Renegade for life, fuck the galaxy over, and make fun of how TERRIBLE the fucking controls are in that game!

  3. Honestly, this intro is so sad and really reminds me why I stopped watching GG. I love the Sierra playthroughs so much so I was excited to see this but the first 2 minutes is so phoned in it's heartbreaking. Their banter is dull and stale, like two complete strangers just acting for the camera. GG has gone so down hill, crappy click bait thumbnails and playing whatever YT trash bait games they can find, but man they're not even having fun anymore with any of this…

  4. It's interesting that they decided to go with a more cartoonish design unlike the 4th game as well as get rid of the voice acting. Budget constraints maybe?

  5. I just started watching, but I noticed in the beginning Danny explained some things and later Arin re-asked about them because he was not listening to him. That got me sort of fearful of what this series was going to devolve to. Thankfully, looking into the comments, Arin actually gets into it and pays attention legitimately and that's a relief.

  6. Here's me going "Ha, nice reference to William Shatner's infamous hairpiece addiction," when all of a sudden I'm blindsided by a reference to freakin' Animal House. Well played, Sierra.

  7. I watched GameGrumps for a solid 5 years, from the first episode up until about late 2017. I noticed it in that time growing more and more forced, more and more self aware (not in a good way). I didn't know whether I was growing or they were, but I didn't like it anymore, so I stopped watching all together. I just had a pretty bad day, and decided to check these guys out again since I can't sleep. I'm just really happy that this is the point which I popped my head back in, it feels very organic, and Space Quest V is an amazing game to see them play. TL'DR, used to watch these guys as a teenager, grew out of it, growing back into it, happy about it.

  8. It’s super weird. I think dan must have gotten a lot of his sense of humor from these games because occasionally I won’t look at what they’re reading assume something wacky that dan said was an adlib like the ones they do in other games with a lot of text based dialogue and then find out that is actually in the game.

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