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Gameplay Overview:
The shadow of Bhaal has come over Baldur’s Gate, summoning monsters and other horrors from the darkness! As you build and explore the iconic city’s dark alleys and deadly catacombs, you must work with your fellow adventurers to survive the terrors ahead. That is, until some horrific evil turns one — or possibly more — of you against each other.


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39 thoughts on “HARRY THE HOMUNCULUS | Betrayal at Baldur's Gate

  1. right off the bat, playing wrong. You don't increase the stat until after you draw the event card. (end of turn) so Ralvio would have never taken damage from the crawling hand, as he would increase his stat AFTER it attached itself, when he ends his turn.

  2. To those People upset that pyrion vapes…. So what? If they had an issue with him gaping they'd ask him not to do it before the recording and he blew it away.. I don't see the issue he's a funny guy who's welcome in my eyes as I feel he's not seen enough. You rock pyrion

  3. I vape and don't mind other that do, but in the video its just frustrated and it took away my focus from the content. I found it so cringe, just wait 20 mins and then go for a vape.

  4. Pyrion is just fine, theres definitely no problem with him being in the video, but the fact that he is vaping so much in this video just annoys me. Like can u put away ur vape for 20 minutes?……

  5. "Drawn by a haunting voice you’ve come to the Elfsong tavern. It is a small place filled with a mutely assortment of patrons, and grizzly trophies. There the haunting voice is all around you and the patrons are silent as the song washes over them. They all seem lost in its call."

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