top 50 tricks in my opinion
Kevin Romar – Nollie
Kevin Romar — Switch 180
Ryan Richards — Back 180
Greg Harris — Half Cab
Andrew Reynolds – Kickflip
Dan Roberts – Fs Flip
Ryan Decenzo — Hardflip
Dee Ostrander — Bs Flip
Andrew Reynolds – Fs Flip over rail
Andrew Reynolds – Variel Heel
Moose — Bs 360
Lindsey Robertson — Heelflip
Auby Taylor — Switch Heel
Ricky Webb – Switch Flip
Derrick Wilson – Nollie Heelflip
Nick Merlino – Nollie Flip
Aaron Artis — Kickflip Melon over fence
Eli Reed – Switch Ollie over fence
Ryan Decenzo Fs Flip over fence
Nyjah Huston — Switch big heel
TJ Rodgers — Switch Fs 360
Chad Fernandez — Bs Krook
Chad Fernandez — Fs 5-O
Steven Lemos — Bs Feeble Fakie
Clint Walker — Bs 5050 side rail
Roy Foner — Fs smith side rail
Shane Cross — Fs Nosegrind
Shane Cross — Bs Salad
Jamie Thomas — Bs Lipslide
Alex Valdez — Fs Feeble
Sean Malto – Bs Smith
Matt Allen — Fs Salad
Jon Allie – Fs Noseblunt
Joey Poirez — Fs Tail
Dallas Rockvam — Bs Tail
Nyjah Huston – Fs Blunt
Dustin Dollin — Bs Blunt Fakie
Geoff Cook – Switch Lipslide
Figgy – Nollie Fs 5050
Taylor Bingaman – Bs Overcrook
Lizard King — Fs Noseslide
Nyjah Huston — Bs Noseblunt
Aarto Sari – Switch Fs Board
Terrell Robinson – Nollie Bs Board
Norman Woods – Nollie Fs Board
James Brockman — Switch 5050
Ed Duff — Kickflip boardslide
Brian Sawyer – Half Cab Feeble
Nyjah Huston – Kickflip Bs Lip
Nyjah Huston – Bs 270 Lip

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37 thoughts on “Hollywood High 16 Top 50 Tricks

  1. Craziest Handrail Tricks: Nyjah's Kickflip Back Lip, Backside Nosebluntslide, & Backside 270 Lipslide.

    Craziest Trick: TJ's Switch Frontside 360 cause how the hell do you even 360 something that big? Then do it switch….insane, and you can see the full commitment he had to landing that trick cause he was booking it and then just stomped it down like he said, "Screw it, I'm sticking this right now, all or nothing."

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