This is based off an old Windows 95 program called Hollywood High. It had revolutionary text-to-speech functionality. The game’s developer – Theatrix – intended to make this game as edutainment; it wanted to teach kids how to write. Naturally, the teenager in me at the time wanted to shove as many filthy swear words as possible into the script. I uploaded this back when I was 24 years old based on a script I wrote when I was 14 years old, and updated the video description as a 34-year-old. Enjoy!

I kept this video private for about 4 years from 2014-2018 because I didn’t want potential employers to find out about the, um, “humor” in this video. Then I made it public again because my persuasion skills improved. If a job interviewer did some cyber-sleuthing beforehand and asks me about my ‘Internet videos’, I can at least use the excuse “I was young and dumb.” Oh shit! Are you reading this, potential employer? Ignore this whole paragraph!

Ever since making this public again, I noticed the like/dislike ratio slowly going against my favor. Ha, either the standards for quality videos went up or modern audiences are less tolerant towards “asshole” humor. I’m not particularly ashamed of this, though I would tone a lot of it down if I made it today. I do have three other Hollywood High videos that are – in my opinion – far more disturbing than this one. I still kept those private. You ain’t seeing those, Mr. Job Man!

If you are chock full of morbid curiosity, PM me and I will share the other Hollywood High videos I made. (Note: I just realized you cannot send PMs in YouTube anymore. Send me an email at jakneute@gmail.com and include your account name if you want me to share the videos)

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