Call them Yoshi eggs, Stress-balls, or Ninja Turtle squishies. Here’s how to turn party balloons and baking flour, into a custom set of superhero power balls.

Some quick links to a few of the materials I used:

[✓] Good quality rubber balloons:
[✓] Flour:
[✓] Scissors:

Congratulations to Jacob Kaufman from Merrill, MI, Christian Strickland from Hilliard, FL, and Nicholas Joson from Mililani, HI, who were the 3 randomly chosen winners of the Ninja Balls!

Ninja Balls contest is now closed.

Endcard Links:

Green Slime:
Magic Mud:
Fancy Napkins:
Glycerin Soap:

See What Else I’m Up To:


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Music By: Scott & Brendo (“Somewhere” – Instrumental)

Project Inspired By:

A toy I remember seeing at a craft fair as a kid. I wasn’t willing to pay $10 for a bag of 3, so I went home and played around with different methods until I figured out how to make these with balloons and flour.

Project History & More Info:

My kids go crazy playing with these little toys because they are soft, squishy, and very colorful. What’s really cool about them is that we can make them together, and they don’t cost very much at all. In-fact, they end up just costing pennies a piece.

They make cool gifts for birthday parties, and I personally use them for juggling balls from time to time, because they are perfectly weighted, and have a soft and rubbery grip.

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