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29 thoughts on “How To Repair GameBoy Screen Burn!

  1. Thanks for the shout out bro! I'm kinda digging the green shade those dmg backlight filters add to make the dmg pocket look more … dmg like? Anyway keep up the good work and happy holidays!

  2. Hey man! Awesome video! I used this video to fix my GBpocket screen but when I removed the polarized filter the screen was still with the black spot, did I do something wrong? I followed all your steps I don't know what to do now.
    Can someone help? I know that this video is from 2017 but who knows…

  3. Has anyone else had it where a GameBoy screen has gone blue due to being in the sun? It just happened to me and it's scary. I've since put it in a dark draw and it seems to have gone back to normal

  4. Hello! Why the picture on your GBP is green? There are should be a black-white colors, without green) Did you use a polarized filter not for GBP? Probably it was filter for GB original?

  5. Hi! what is the name of the magical plastic? I want to repair a pocket pikachu 2 screen, it's a small one…I don't know it could be replace with that plastic that you use here…

  6. Can you use white spirit to get rid of the bottom sticky layer?
    Just bought a Hello Kitty gameboy pocket with a burnt screen to give it a go. Would love to be able to fix it like you have ♥️

  7. Dude thanks for the video. You know I kept my GB Pocket, GB Light and Sega Nomad inside awhat I tought was a safe drawer, and I found the 3 of them like this. DO you know if I can fix the 3 of them with the same method?

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