The screen in the Sega Game Gear is downright ancient compared to what’s available today. Let’s replace its backlight with a modern LED replacement and see what difference it makes!

Backlight kit from Hand Held Legend:


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29 thoughts on “Install a Game Gear LED Backlight!

  1. I assembled a kit for this mod which requires no dremel, no craft knife and no cutting of any kind. How do I get one of these kits to you for an instructional video for the gaming community?

  2. Yeah on the silver reflector do you modified it in any way because my silver reflector is pushing against the LED panel and the LCD screen and it keeps popping out of the bracket from the diffuser

  3. Yeah, video is almost four years old…but something like this doesn't age. In fact, it becomes more needed as time goes on, so thanks for making it for us. I…am quite scared of breaking my system when doing this, though, so I think I'll wait until my tube or caps blow first.

  4. This worked great. My Game Gear looks so much better now that I installed the LCD. Thanks for the product and great instructions on how to install it! I also got a new clear cover for the front which is perfect!

  5. Tip when reinstalling the game gear lcd:

    This step is the most complicated part of this mod. The adhesive strip that held the screen to the light diffuser made it very easy to keep everything in place but once removed dropping the screen back can be a real pain. To make this much simpler you can purchase Uglu strips from amazon or ebay. They are slightly thicker than the original adhesive but work perfectly for this application.

    I cut 2 small squares and place them next to the screw posts on the diffuser bracket. Take your time aligning the screen and apply gentle pressure to the bracket. The screen will stick to the bracket same as it did prior to the mod. Once this is done, secure that bracket to the main pcb and then secure the other bracket. If done in this order, and the screen is aligned properly to the "glued" bracket, the clips on the other should sit perfectly on top of the very small groove on the edge of the screen which secures the whole thing to the logic board.

    This will keep everything tight and secured for years to come and in the event you have to reopen the system for maintenance will prevent you from fiddling with securing the screen again. I hope this helps everyone with this led backlight mod.

    Great video and thanks for your efforts in creating it!

  6. Cant the led mod be placed behind the old diffuser? It would simplify the process a lot… I mean prying of the diffuser and then cutting it seam like a big risk damaging something…

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