Many folks trying to install Windows 7 via USB on their new computer builds using motherboards with 100 series or 200 series chipsets are finding out that Windows 7 will not install.

The reason for this is Windows 7 does not have up-to-date USB drivers on the installation media. Microsoft last updated the installation media many years ago and has ignored it since. In my opinion, it’s a passive-aggressive marketing technique to get you to install Windows 10 instead.

The good news is, this is something that is easily fixed and in this video I show you step-by-step how to download the latest official Windows 7 installation media, create the bootable flash drive with it and then update it with the latest USB drivers that the newest Gigabyte hardware implements.

Microsoft Windows and Office ISO Download Tool:

(shorter link:

(alternate link:

Rufus – Create bootable USB drives the easy way:

Gigabyte’s Windows 7 USB Installation Tool:

My step-by-step process on installing and optimizing Windows 7:

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