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You have stumbled upon Mentski’s channel! Congratuation!

You may recognise the Man-beast legend, Mentski from his various appearances over the internet, such as his bearded beardy beard face appearing on videos produced by popular tatoholic, Ashens.

No, I’m not Big Clive. Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

Anyway, we do retro-gaming stuff, here. Focusing on arcade and classic console gameplay.


One Credit Champ/Games from the Chippy – Mentski plays arcade games for one credit whilst revealing facts and history about the games he’s playing!

Let’s Play – I just play things really, try to intersperse a bit of comedy in. Whatever.

MentskiCuts – Small videos featuring bits of trivia too small to feature in the big videos.

Mentski TV – A place for random bumblings and ramblings about things, unboxings, toys, console and game hardware, rants and raves.


*Games from the Chippy*

*One Credit Champ (Season 1)*

*One Credit Champ’ (Season 2)*

*One Credit Champ Turbo (Season 3)*

*Super One Credit Champ (Season 4)*

*Super One Credit Champ X (Season 5)*

*Let’s Play*


*Mentski TV*





…and remember: FI-HI-HI-HIIIIISHHHH.

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17 thoughts on “Krull – One Credit Champ, Episode 226

  1. I'm not watching you out of loyalty to a completely different youtuber, I'm watching you out of loyalty to a retro gaming twitch streamer that does quizes at the start of his stream.

    I kid, I kid.

  2. I discovered your channel through Ashens who I discovered through Guru Larry who I discovered by him being put on the front page of TGWTG for once, and I have maintained my subscription and viewership because of the quality in all three of those channels. No sense of loyalty required. Also, how long have I been subscribed to you guys?! That timeline puts at at sometime between highschool and college…

  3. Wait, that was the whole game?

    And, while I may have discovered you through another famous YouTuber, that's not why I stay. I think the fact my auto-correct suggested 'biscuitologist' as the word to go after 'famous' just there speaks volumes on that account. Keep things up, you good thing.

  4. WB. I saw Krull when it came out in the cinema and I thought it was ACE. Although I wasn't sure about Tucker out of Grange Hill being in a space war film? Think I will watch it again soon. Also I didn't know about this game. Will Czech it out.

  5. Good ol' Krull, ut's the archtype Saturday afternoon BBC 2 movie that's always on when you're ill in bed. That and Dog Day Afternoon.

    Were Columbia banking on it being a franchise like Star War then? But you got to do the arcade version of Willow now to continue your 80s fantasy movies 😀

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