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46 thoughts on “LEGO Goonies – HEY YOU GUYS! – Part 1/3 – Lego Dimensions Level Pack

  1. By the way the special attack for Chunk is Ice Cream also if you wanted LEGO Dimensions to continue what Films or TV Shows did you want for LEGO Dimensions if it was me I really wanted MARVEL to join LEGO Dimensions & Wallace & Gromit Films & TV Shows for LEGO Dimensions so basically what I'm saying is that I wanted Wallace and Gromit & MARVEL to join LEGO Dimensions if it was still going on for TT Games

    I really miss LEGO Dimensions 😥

  2. Blitzwinger, wouldn't the game have been more enjoyable if you saw the film first? You couldn't have taken the time to watch the film and then play the game???

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