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Another great week out there retro game hunting! Some of the pickups in this weeks haul were a Sega Saturn, Ps1 Console, Gameboy Color and a ton of games! It is possible to game hunt on a budget in todays time! It just take some time grinding it out buying and reselling your way to get there.

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34 thoughts on “Live Game Hunting MY BEST FIND YET! (Sega Saturn, Gameboy, PS2) | $10 Dollar Collection (Episode 12)

  1. I was never really into sports games, but if I had to pick one as a favorite it would be NHL Hitz 2003. I loved being able to change the heads of the players into different crazy things, like sharks or zombies, and the themed stadiums were awesome.

  2. I'm not a huge sports person in general, but i love arcade style golf games. I have over 100 hours in mario golf world tour for 3ds. It's one of my most played games of all time. Easy to pick up and learn quickly, sometimes i feel like the putting is a little janky, but that makes you want to get chip-ins way more😂

  3. Am from costa rica and we are a soccer country so my favorite sport game is súper star soccer deluxe for sanes , such a nice game i spend alot of hours playing this . Saludos desde costa rica

  4. I wish it was possible to score anything here. I've only had one really solid score since i've started this year. Two Gamecubes, a wii, a 3ds, a ds lite and an easy 200-300 in games for 250 bucks.
    Stuff gets sold the second it gets listed around here it's brutal.

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