Logan Paul In The Suicide Forest The Game – Playing as Logan Paul, you are going to explore the suicide forest searching for bodies in order to get millions of views for your YouTube channel. The forest is full of dangers, so you gotta be careful, otherwise, you may become one of the bodies you came to film. #loganpaulsuicideforest #loganpaulthegame #suicideforestthegame #logansuicideforest

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Logan Paul In The Suicide Forest The Game wolf

Nguồn: https://ijetmr.org/

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39 thoughts on “Logan Paul In The Suicide Forest: The Game

  1. Wow… that game over screen is bad. Like… REALLY bad… I mean… WTF. Why the fuck is this a thing*. Aaaaaaaaaand the hanged man is freaking T-posing… wow.

    *Ps: oh my god just as I write this, you said the same thing.

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