Longplay of I-Ninja, played as the NTSC version on the GameCube. This game’s version was released on Dec. 4th, 2003. Please give the video a like! Timecodes are below:

0:01:00 – Opening

Robot Beach
0:03:39 – Eye-Ninja: Normal
0:10:57 – Heart Attack: Normal
0:19:45 – Eye 2 Eye: Normal
0:25:33 – Boss: Kyza

Bomb Bay
0:33:36 – Shoot the Ships: Normal
0:46:02 – Grade in a Cage: Normal
0:51:40 – Chase the Fuse: Normal
0:55:54 – Rocket Factory: Normal

Robot Beach
1:08:28 – Eye-Ninja: Enemies
1:15:27 – Eye-Ninja: Time
1:20:08 – Heart Attack: Time
1:28:20 – Heart Attack: Coins
1:37:48 – Eye 2 Eye: Coins
1:45:04 – Eye 2 Eye: Time
1:51:20 – Fly Ninja
1:53:11 – Ninja Ball

Bomb Bay
1:55:52 – Grade in a Cage: Time
1:59:43 – Chase the Fuse: Coins
2:03:12 – Chase the Fuse: Enemies
2:07:06 – Grade in a Cage: Coins
2:18:14 – Shoot the Ships: Highscore
2:29:45 – Rocket Factory: Enemies
2:47:43 – Rocket Factory: Coins
3:08:27 – Boss: Ventis

Jungle Falls
3:16:26 – Sly Ninja: Normal
3:33:01 – Sly Ninja: Coins
3:57:23 – Ride the Logs: Normal
4:10:04 – Ride the Logs: Coins
4:25:29 – Ride the Logs: Time
4:34:38 – Sly Ninja: Time
4:44:26 – Buzz Off!: Normal
4:57:33 – Buzz Off!: Enemies
5:16:04 – Buzz Off!: Coins
5:35:30 – Boss: Psyamon

Mountain Gorge
5:45:05 – Crystal Cavern: Normal
6:00:26 – Crystal Cavern: Enemies

Jungle Falls
6:17:26 – Jump ‘n Grind
6:18:35 – Ninja Ball Extreme

Bomb Bay
6:22:54 – Chain Challenge
6:23:58 – Ninja Ball Ultra

Mountain Gorge
6:28:10 – Sneak and Destroy: Normal
6:35:22 – Sneak and Destroy: Coins
6:46:59 – Sneak and Destroy: Enemies
6:58:40 – Crystal Cavern: Coins
7:19:05 – Clouding Around: Normal
7:26:35 – Clouding Around: Time
7:33:35 – Clouding Around: Enemies
7:42:19 – Boss: Malakai
7:53:20 – Mega-Chain Challenge
7:54:42 – Egg-Shell Skull

Moon Base
7:58:42 – Outpost Alpha: Normal
8:09:03 – Outpost Alpha: Enemies
8:21:08 – Outpost Alpha: Time
8:28:50 – Outpost Beta: Normal
8:37:34 – Outpost Beta: Enemies
8:44:46 – Outpost Beta: Time
8:53:56 – The Imperial Guard: Normal
9:01:02 – The Imperial Guard: Enemies
9:05;31 – The Imperial Guard: Time
9:09:46 – The Cryo-Chamber: Normal
9:19:06 – The Cryo-Chamber: Enemies
9:26:01 – The Cryo-Chamber: Time
9:30:29 – Final boss: Emperor O-Dor

9:40:01 – Credits
9:45:02 – Advanced Combat (All Grades)

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44 thoughts on “Longplay of I-Ninja

  1. Got this game suggested and it's a bit longer than expected. It's a fun game, but fairly monotone after a while. There are several stages but you need to re-do them three times with different objectives such as kill all enemies, collect 10 red coins (most annoying, as they are hidden) or beat the level in a time limit.

    What's fun is that your blade gets upgraded throughout the game by killing enemies. What I did not know is that it maxes out pretty quickly, so I should really have not spent my time killing all the enemies in the beginning of the game and I wasted more time on that than I should've. Anyways, the timecodes have all levels with their objectives listed so if you want to see me rush through a stage I suggest you just watch the time trial level.

    Each area has a boss too and if you complete all objectives in an area, there's two bonus missions unlocked which are pretty fun.

    Doing ALL of the missions (64) unlocks an alternate ending and also access to a bonus stage which is really nothing special.

    Anyways, pretty fun game with appealing graphics, controls and combat. I could've ran it an hour quicker if I knew about the sword upgrades, but whatever.

  2. I feel goosebumps of pure nostalgia because of this game that was so well marked in my childhood… I still remember my outbursts of anger when I couldn't perform any action properly 😅
    Thank you for bringing this friend game! It made me want to play it again hehe

  3. i remember so hard playing this back in the ps2 era and somehow couldnt remember the name, just bare footage
    luckily enough someone sent a soundtrack and i immediattely recognized the cover
    im here just for nostalgia vibes and to see what i missed from it since i never got to complete it (ps2 burnt off)

  4. lmfao my brother and i used to play the demo over and over..lmao never remembered the name but it ended up in my reccomended. after i finished watching the tak and juju playthrough

  5. I played this game YEARS ago! It was a lot of fun! I never beat it though. Not cause it was too hard. I just stopped one day. And then…. We either rented the game from like Blockbuster, or we borrowed it from someone, I'm not sure.

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