In this video Gemma visits the Doncaster Retro Gaming market and finds thousands of retro games and consoles. This includes a shocking sega mega drive variant for £675. Watch this full retro game hunt episode to find out more.

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35 thoughts on “**MASSIVE** Retro Game Hunt THOUSANDS of Retro Games and Consoles!!!

  1. Hello! You, are what gaming IS. And should always be. That made me very happy to see. And if anyone gave you crap for loving retro gaming, then they do not understand the point of what it's all about, why you as an amazing gamer woman of this earth do the amazing things you do. And you always do it well. You deserve the world(or the Youtube world at least, but I say much more of course) to know how kind, compassionate, intelligent and beautiful you are. As you are all those, and much,much more. “Believe that what you do matters and will make a difference in people’s lives. You don’t have to save the world in one stroke but you can make a difference one person at a time.” As always, I hope you make a difference in many more lives, as you definitely have a difference in mine.Keep making this world more awesome to be in, one stream, one happy laugh, and most importantly, one beautiful smile at a time. This world, even with a virus going on, is never as fortunate right now as to have you in it. Take care always Gemma, and, "The best and most beautiful things in life cannot be seen, not touched, but are felt in the heart." As you are a beautiful woman and beautiful soul. (If ok to say) Keep making this world awesome one game at a time! #amazinggamer and if ok, #gamerwomenrock #respectgamerwomen 😊🎮

  2. How on earth is this market could still go ahead 1st March with the amount of Covid-19 cases and Deaths in the UK. I wonder why there's so many deaths and cases in the UK. You guys really didn't take this seriously enough.

  3. The project zero maiden of blackwater for wii u is excellent,
    I bought it around launch but was disgusted with my self for paying £75 new from a reseller – seems a bargain now if it's £125 used?

  4. Love the tomy kongman that you looked at (seemed to be missing most of it pieces) and also who remembers tomy super cup football and the 3d tomy tronic games.
    Game I would have looked at picking up was at around 37:00 – y's the vanished omens for the Master system.
    Although at some of those prices don't think I'd have bought much!

  5. Heard about this event and slight dissapointed that I couldn't make it. Altho living in the North East we do have a annual event called NERG (North East Retro Gaming). You should try and make it, but that will also depend on the current situation we are living in.


    Great videos too btw, having follow you on Instagram and watching your videos on a regular basis, it has given me some ideas on what I would like to do for my games room.

    Keep up the fantastic work, looking forward to more exciting content throughout this difficult time. Keep us entertained! Gebs24 to the rescue!

  6. While im self isolating at home with this stupid virus going about. Nothing better than chilling at home, youtube on and watching all your retro hunting. Makes me wanna leave my house and go searching around the shops now LOL

  7. Hi Gemma I know this is a long shot but can you remember the name of the stall with that mint looking multimega? I've been looking for one for ages an sadly couldn't make the games fair this time around due to a sick baby.

  8. #ILoveCheese awesome video Gemma, only went here once a few years back and met you and Jess. Really miss doncaster wish to come again someday. But watching this video made me experience the market. You covered a lot, great pickups video too. Peace

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