Let’s play Mount & Blade with Fire & Sword, Part 1 (Series 2). Introduction to the LP, character creation and diving straight into the game (skipping the tutorial). After a quick chat with Jaques de Clermont, Karl – our hero – rides to the forests and fields to fight some looters.

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Karl’s Tale – Let’s Play Mount & Blade with Fire & Sword – 720p HD

Slow-paced Mount & Blade with Fire & Sword gameplay.

Playlist (Series 2, All Episodes):

Difficulty: 111% (the hardest possible difficulty settings, but allow multiple saves for backup)

Game difficulty: Hard


Mount & Blade with Fire & Sword v1.143

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Gameplay and commentary by Zemalf
“Occasionally thoughtful, slow-paced let’s play videos”


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37 thoughts on “Mount & Blade with Fire & Sword – Part 1 – Getting Started, Battles Against Looters [S02E01]

  1. Doesn't the game reset difficulty settings when you choose preset difficulty at the start? I read your guide and tried the hardest diffuclty setting but when I chose 'hard' at the start it changed back some difficulty settings to easier settings like automatic block and lance control.

  2. …. this was made 5 years ago and was the first result when I searched for Fire and Sword?Ah I'll let it slide, especially since I have 72 episodes to watch.

  3. Someone may have mentioned this already but the enemies do actually surrender. If there's enough of you or not very many of them. Had two bandits surrender to me just today in fact, after I routed them.

  4. Would I be able to Run this game with an AMD A4-6300 Proccessor, and an APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics. Oh and 7.20 GB of usable RAM. Oh and 3.70 GHz. Oh and with windows 8.

  5. Ok nah it is good.
    Well anyway, once I got captured by looters against a tree my horse got stuck on and loat all my weapons I just bought with all my money, at which point I was taking on 17 raiders with nothing, just my horse I was riding on. So I just ran into anyone who got seperated from the group over and over for probably 30 minutes until a looter FINALLY went unconscious and I could at least have a shitty ax. That I used to kill the other 16. If you keep on moving(I had a saddle horse though, took from tepes) they can't react fadt enough to slash, they either block or get hit.

  6. You saying everly single thing you are going to do is making me annoyed already. Please don't tell me you are gonna announce every button you are gonna press, please don't….

  7. Yeah to fix that annoying bug you have to remove the lines of code in item_kinds1.txt that give the guns melee attributes then what happens is when the AI presses 'X', instead of it turning the gun to melee mode it stops them reloading and then they pull out their melee weapon instead until there is no enemy near.

  8. i want to have napolen wars mod. but can't find it where i can take it or how much it is. btw does anyone plays lane battles in warband or with fire and sword?

  9. Only just started playing my pc games again after a year away been so desperatly trying to find a mod for warband to play singleplayer just like this… Then I remembered I own this I feel like a fool think I might go reinstall it later thanks for reminding me this was a good game

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