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“Nightfall: Escape” is a horror game centered around Filipino folklore. I know you probably already read that in the title, but I wrote it here again. Thanks for watching!


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50 thoughts on “Nightfall: Escape [Part 1] – FILIPINO FOLKLORE HORROR GAME

  1. I honestly i love the concept!
    As a filipino, i was very excited! But the graphics of the game is very low budget and i think the voice actors could do better. Anyways i hope they update this game with new voice actors and better graphics!

  2. Seriously John I think dread out was way… better then this game. Everything about this game is just boring. Lol. I've watched some of your game plays till the end but this one, nah.
    After 12:26 of watching. I just decided to not watch it again. Nothing really scary.

  3. cringe af like dialogs and voice overed by gay call center agents here in PH, not gonna watch this..
    first impression on this is just laughable for a horror game.. first monster, first dialogs, first area.. 😂

  4. Is this game completely developed? or abandon by developer? I know making a game is not simple for indie game developers especially if you're a one-man-team, it will take forever if you make it too big with your limits. Think big, start small.

  5. dude so we went on a field trip to a camp and we had to sit on the ground in the woods. well I was focused on the lady talking to us or whatever and I felt something on my hand and it WAS A FUCKING GIANT ASS CENTIPEDE AND I WAS GONNA SCREAM BRUH I WAS SO DAMN SCARED

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