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Join the Nightfall Beta now for multiplayer action in this free-to-play online game: www.nightfallthegame.co.uk

The Nightfall Beta is free to play NOW.

Nightfall is an online multiplayer game for web browsers. Players are dropped in to a shared ‘dreamscape’ where they appear as Nightfallers, characters powered by positivity and light. Their purpose: work together to banish the negativity of the Nightmares and their minions – the Nags – that are swarming the dream world.

Overcome Nags and Nightmares to gain experience, level up and travel deeper into the dream. On the way you can collect golden ‘zeds’ for buying new outfits or masks, so you can personalise your own Nightfaller! Make sure to grab the purple ‘shards’ dropped by Nightmares too, you’ll need them to upgrade your equipment.

During the Nightfall ‘Beta phase’ you are invited to help the developers improve the game. Sign up, have a go and let us know what you think in the comments section on our website.

If you’re over 13, you can check in with us on the Nightfall Instagram account: www.instagram.com/nightfallthegame

Enter the dream.

Defeat Nightmares

Become a legend.

Nightfall | Trailer

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