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Looking for a replacement game case or two? Perhaps all 296 for the N64? Then look no further than RoseColoredGaming. These cases are durable, look professional, and are inexpensive at $4 each. I got a few of the rarer N64 game cases that I am missing in my collection to display them properly in my Nintendo Room.

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20 thoughts on “Nintendo 64 Replacement Game Cases | Nintendo Collecting

  1. I personally love having custom cases over the original boxes or cases. I think they look great on the shelf. And protect the games better. Just my opinion.

  2. Water in my basement just fucking destroyed all my 64 original boxes I've been saving for over 20 years. Fucking bullshit. I'll probably be getting these as a replacement. They look great.

  3. I remember ordering 2 replacement cases for my N64 games from a few years ago and they looked different compared to these cases since they're made by a different manufacturer and they're such a great way to keep these games put away. I wish N64 cases like these also came in horizontal position.

  4. This changes my outlook on CIB.
    I love the white color too.
    I thought it looked fantastic with Wii and it looks fantastic with N64.
    I’m just happy you didn’t say “PokEmon”.

  5. I got into collecting about 2 years ago an I have a really nice collection I feel like. I would like Pokémon stadium to add to my collection but for the case I would like MARIO 64

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