Pax Britannica is a one-button real-time strategy game by No Fun Games. Up to four players battle it out underwater, struggling to be the last one standing!

How to Play
The A, F, H, and L keys control the four players, and the escape key quits. Gamepads are also supported, although not on OS X, sorry guys.
Holding down the button spins the needle on the radial menu in the middle of the player’s factory ship. The needle will only travel as far as the player’s current resources allow. Resources (gold? seaweed? who knows!) accumulate over time.
Releasing the button creates a ship that corresponds to the quadrant that the needle is pointing at.

Nguồn: https://ijetmr.org/

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8 thoughts on “Pax Britannica – One Button RTS Game – Ubuntu 10.10

  1. @blackoutworm lols none of those yet, this game was for a contest entry, thats why they try to make it one button so everyone can play and pick up easy

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