This video we are going to take a closer look at this Chrome Cast from China Retro plug and play HDMI Console .. Version 2.

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46 thoughts on “Plug and Play – Retro Game Console HDMI Chromecast Dongle !

  1. Overlord is Double Dragon 3.

    I've seen you review some really and truly weird 8 bit knockoffs but… "we added real games but edited the ROMs just enough to maybe keep us from getting sued… except at the end of the list where we got lazy."

    That may be the loudest d-pad I've ever seen you review LOL.

  2. Who the hell is ignorant enough to buy this kind of product from China? "A fool and his money are soon parted." I am not making reference to you because you continue to provide warnings for everybody. But who is dumb enough to give this stuff a shot. Obviously they move enough to keep making shit!

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