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Red Ball 4 Animation Red Ball Hero Vs Ninja Boss. Be the Red Ball Hero and defeat all the evil squares in this Red ball adventure.
Are you a fan of the hit Red Ball Hero 4 series?

Red Ball Hero 4 – Bounce Ball Volume 3 is totally made for you! Your mission is super easy, collecting all the stars while jumping on all the evil squares! Let’s roll, jump and bounce the red ball through a deadly mechanical factory. Watch out deadly laser beams while defeating the bad guys on your way.

Roll with ultimate precision to reach each area safely. Remember not to get hit by a corner or the moving lasers. Use the arrow keys to move the red ball to his goal! and conquering all the bad guys! Evil minions are threatening the planet with their power of making everything into square shapes. Red Ball Hero has shown up to save the world. Have you got what it takes to help Red Ball and the world safe from turning square?

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Texture Mod by Android/IOS Gaming Redball

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42 thoughts on “Red Ball 4 Animation Red Ball Hero Vs Ninja Boss Stage 2

  1. Red ball is the evil one in the game because all so call evil people do make ball no round but red ball kills so many of them then kill the bosses dad frist boss is dad and then they want revage and he kill them to but I never played it just watch videos

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