Gem is out on a NEW Retro Game Hunting session in which she finds an obscure Sega Saturn Game.

£5 Game Challenge:


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22 thoughts on “Retro Game Hunting: an obscure Sega Saturn Game FOUND!

  1. Love ecco on mega drive played and finshed the first and second one. Ecco on dreamcast is very good I totally enjoyed it. but I enjoy the other eccos im not sure if you would enjoy if you don't like the other eccos but you could give it ago you may like that one. you could probably get it cheaper then £20 I'm sure I seen go cheaper but £20 not bad either. I really enjoyed this video lovely game shop great stuff.

  2. That shop is awesome. Never even heard of that Saturn game tbh. Some prices are just fricken ridiculous tbh. I was looking up some Sega Saturn games and Deep Fear was like £500 on a retro store I use, and £200 on ebay. Those kind of prices are just stupid in my opinion. I think £100 would be my max on any game. I'm wondering if prices will go down in the near future, due to Covid!

  3. Great vid gem :). I thought ECCO on Dreamcast was decent. It uses same game engine as jaws unleashed. If you liked that it plays similar but less violent and more linier

  4. Thanks so much that was cathartic, I laughed so hard at your take on Ecco the dolphin on mega drive, I am exactly the same never got my head round that game as a kid.
    I so wanted to play and enjoy it but never understood how to get anywhere. One of my all time most frustrating game experiences .
    I own it still but I don't wanna pull it out just to piss myself off!

  5. VF Kids was a fun game, owned it years ago. I collected both the UK and Japanese consoles like Super Famicom, Megadrive and Sega Saturn. I was always into shooters and the Japanese market had the best releases and many of them exclusive. I enjoy picking up wii games now, titles like Muramasa, ivy the kiwi, Rodea, sin and punishment 2 and Tatsunoko vs capcom are a favourite. A great series and makes want to go game hunting.

  6. Theys are my favourite of the videos that you do Gemma big thumbs up picked up a copy of street fighter alpha 3 max cheap for the psp fantastic game ECCO is better in the PS2 theres a lot of stuff fixed that was broken the grafics are better and theres a map that's not on the Dreamcast version though it is still a very hard game last time I checked the PS2 version was a lot cheaper as well seven pounds I don't think a dream cast version is worth twenty the PS2 version came out two years after and it shows

  7. Great video, as always. Ecco released on Dreamcast first, and it is rock hard. There was a port to PS2 after the Dreamcast failed and that is supposedly much easier. I've got both, but can only confirm how hard the Dreamcast version is. Haven't tried my PS2 version yet.

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