I remember the PC version of the game use to have HORRIBLE frame rate before Koei put up an patch for it. It made the game unplayable though it took them an very long time before the patch was available. Winning in this mode is require to unlock Okuni who is the only one with unique dialog with all the non generic officers.

As for the Dynasty Warriors series, I love it especially DW5 Empires but I hated the low amount of enemies on the map (About 200?), DW4 and DW6 except the skill tree and the fighting system. Warriors Orochi introduce me to Samurai Warriors 2 out of curious since most of the move sets they had I liked and Ginchiyo Tachibana.

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7 thoughts on “Samurai Warriors 2 PC Sugoroku mode PC version gameplay 01

  1. I once had a weird event on the big map
    So i almost conquered an entire island which was owned by ieyasu and at the last waste land goemon popper up at ieyasus face and he said
    Ha didnt expert me huh? And he took all my island territories

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