Slendrina: Asylum – Gameplay Walkthrough (iOS)

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Slendrina: Asylum – Free

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Slendrina is back in a new scary adventure!

She is more evil than usual. It almost seems as if she is protecting something. So be extra careful when you turn around. You must also be prepared to meet Slendrinas mother wandering in the corridors. If you see her, then run! You can hide in closets and behind some things, but do not let her see you!

Try to find 8 pages of an old medical book in the abandoned asylum.

You also need to find keys to open certain doors
and health potions that give you a little more health when you have been injured.

Thank you all for your kind ratings you have given me! You are the best!
If you want to send an email to me, please write in English or Swedish.

The game contains advertising.

Have fun!

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41 thoughts on “Slendrina: Asylum – Gameplay Walkthrough (iOS)

  1. I remember playing this game while my friend was near me….he is 23 yo and when slenderina appeared he screamed then slapped me out of terror….it's been 3 years and i still laugh every time i see him…

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