SPAZ SHREK TRAPPED ME IN HIS DIMENSION!! | 3 Random Horror Games (Shrek Edition)
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Outro Music ► “The Anteater” by Qumu

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37 thoughts on “SPAZ SHREK TRAPPED ME IN HIS DIMENSION!! | 3 Random Horror Games (Shrek Edition)

  1. Hey I know the I know how to speak Spanish what's a quotation see it because I want to tell you what what is it just follow me and Tik Tok and that's it my name is Monroe one I forgot I will go in this video send it to you

  2. Hey can you come to my house that is actually a Council Bluffs my dad lives in Council Bluffs to and watching your videos every time so what's your name again are you on Walzem Valley or are you names I don't know the name of yes indeed Kansas College scared because I like it when you scared what's Ohio's the best power I have for today funny funny couple YouTubers that you don't know you know you friend oh my God that we why you care so much I can wave or are you just scared does metal plus I have better than Call of Duty 4:30 morning okay can you come to my house that is actually a counselor not my dad's house I am can you video anytime no name of you scared call it there because when you scared so fine and why do you scared you should be so brave that you could bring me some out of the sereness I don't know what that means but my name is Sophia I have like like I have like a YouTube channel but I can't post it on YouTube like I can post it on Tik Tok like on Tik Tok I can't post anything I make a video and I watch it but I can't post it show me ever ever ever ever ever my uncle is name is Peanut and he's second name is Carlos named after his father Who's hotter is Carlos and his name his name is Papa which I call them if you eat all this I want to give you a surprise I would like all your videos and I subscribe to you I don't know what I said but I'm so swiping to you oh and do you know fgteev duddy he's a scaredy cat Kansas City Tattoo hello all I have to say I I tricked you that I'm not going to say anything game Apple that's all I have to say no okay bye I'm going to watch you on YouTube

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