Will the guys survive this adventure? Will their computer? Find out in this final episode of SPACE QUEST V – THE NEXT MUTATION!

Sierra Online was so cool.

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37 thoughts on “Star Crash or PC Crash? – Space Quest V – The Next Mutation: Part 4

  1. Usually in sci fi, shields repel energy blasts but not solids, like Arin said. That's why you'll usually see solid torpedoes getting fired at a ship, usually do cause damage to shield generators if not entirely gut the ship in one go. If that's not the case, then the shields block everything up to a certain volume of fire, so a whole bunch of explosions overload them and leave the ship vulnerable. Sci fi is cool, yo.

  2. Man, I got incredibly invested in this game, even more so than the previous playthroughs. Maybe because the story was more engaging or because Arin was here, I only know had a super fun time.

  3. These games were staples of my childhood and I've loved watching them be replayed along wioth kings quest but the real start for me which was also my first actual PC game was Police Quest. I'd love to see you guys do Police Quest from start to finish. Great stuff as always

  4. Hey Arin & Dan. Still a huge fan of your videos. And I really liked this series, since I haven’t heard about & even watched any videos of the Space Quest games before. Btw, Sprint didn’t merged with AT&T before. They’re both still separate phone companies. But Sprint has their logo changed years ago after the old logo that was used when they paid the promotional fee for the game during the time of Space Quest V.

  5. I'm so glad Arin got into the game a bit instead of just mocking it, that really makes me happy. "I think it's time," reminded me of the Ross moments I loved so much in the other series. Absolutely love watching Dan play these classic adventure games. I grew up with them too, and it's great to see his enthusiasm and nostalgia, and the comments from people experiencing them for the first time because of you. Looking forward to more!

  6. My favorite thing about binge-watching all of the Space Quest playthroughs during the BSBRT is that we get the chance to see all the different saving styles. Dan's saves mirror the titles young Dan may have used, Ross's do the same but as the younger brother playing with his annoyed elder, and Arin not using spaces like a digital artist titling layers.

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