Welcome to Gamertag VR! My names GT and today were are checking out Star Trek Bridge Crew on Oculus Quest. I Love this game so much and I cant belive Ubisoft made this happen. I am dedicated to bringing you updates, livestreams, gameplay vids, first impressions on multiple VR platforms and a livecast each week called ‘The VR Link’. Thank you for sharing my work, subscribing & supporting the channel
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31 thoughts on “Star Trek Bridge Crew: First Impressions on Oculus Quest

  1. Thank you for watching the video! Please leave a 👍,subscribe if you enjoy VR & hit the 🔔 Some clarification around Star Trek purchase options: If you own the base game + DLC on PC, the Quest version of the game is free. If you only own the base game and did not purchase the DLC on PC or the Rift bundle, the Quest version will be $9.99 USD.
    🙌 Discord – discord.gg/VRq67q3
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  2. I've bought the game for Oculus Quest, but it doesn't work. I've to connect to UBISOFT but this is not working and so I can't play/ start the game. Does anyone has a good advise? Thx in advance. Andy

  3. my first vr experience was the other day when oculus quest arrived. i played for three hours on this game last night. i did solo mission like you did in this video. really got my rox off! lol

  4. Tried this with a friend yesterday for over half an hour and couldn't play together due to the mic not working. We tried EVERYTHING, resetting, turning Quest off and on, nightmare. I feel terrible because it was my idea to get it so we could play together. I hope they fix the multiplayer. Even trying to get into the same lobby didn't work for us so you did better there (and we weren't casting).

  5. I am glad this game is on quest and I hope it sells well because it is a great game. I do have to disagree with you regarding the graphics. I upgraded from PSVR to Rift S with this game and it increased my enjoyment of the game big time. It is much more immersive when it is clear and does not have all of the flicker and jaggies.

  6. Quest is nailing it at the moment GT! 😀 I bought this when i first got my PsVR, and i'm so excited that it's now on Quest!! I'm so happy that i bought one 😀 Best investment ever! Just keeps getting better and better.

  7. I'm impressed, would never have occurred to me to try and port this game to the Quest.
    Hopefully, more games sales will lead to more DLC Content for it in the future. ;0)

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