I just downloaded this video from kshow123.com
The sites give a credit for the sub team at the beginning but I didn’t include it here. So I write the credits for the sub team .. here they are …

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44 thoughts on “(Super TV) Super Junior playing Santa Maria Dance.. it's so chaotic 😂😂

  1. Donghae look so cute and innocent when hechul slap him but when his trun he becomes naughty and savage makne who wating for his trun to slap sindong and make plan how to slap lol😂😂😂😂😂

  2. watched this over hundred time and still couldn't let go of teuk and shindong starting the game with the blank members, teuk tryna escape the game and teuk come back to the game because he's addicted 😂

  3. Guys your friendship and understanding awesome .I love it your relationship I was happy with my friend.your friendship releas me that friends very most important person in your life.

  4. Let me tell you the history of how I fell in love with super junior, as if anyone cares. (This is gon be long ass story, brace thy self)

    The first time I saw super junior was years ago when I was in highschool. Their popular song that time was Mr. Simple, Sorry Sorry, and Bonamana. Heechul caught my attention first for his look obviously, I don't see that kind of face often on men.

    But still, I refuse to be a fan back then. I know their song is good, and catchy, and Heechul is hella pretty, but I just saw them as a bunch of pretty boys dancing while apologizing. But whenever their song was playing on the Music Channel I watch, I would listen to it until it's finished. I can understand why so many people like them, even my friends and family.

    But I was more of a BigBang fan back then (GD is my bias btw) and a lil bit of SHINee (Taemin❤️)

    Years later I'm a 24 years old working adult who no longer listens to K-POP, not even BigBang, (mind you I was obsessed back then).
    Instead I was more into Running Man and K-Dramas. I avoided K-POP at any cost. Even after I got the news about Jonghyun's death, I'm still saddened by it, but I still avoided K-POP. My student would listens to EXO in my class, and frequently talks about it with her friends, and still I'm not interested.

    And then one day.. I was browsing youtube, suddenly a wild HEECHUL SAVAGE MOMENTS ON KNOWING BROTHERS APPEARS!
    I don't know why that video pops up in my recommendation, I didn't even searched for RM on YT. I ignored it at first, because the only variety show I watch is RM I'm reaaaally picky.


    So I decided to watch it. Since it's Heechul.

    And I can't stop.

    For a few days, I watch all the videos of him in knowing brothers. It started out pretty healthy at first. i only watch it during my free time when I don't have anything to do.

    And then YT strated recommending other videos of SUJU FUNNY MOMENTS.

    I avoided it. Thinking. 'Nah, it won't be that funny'.

    I've seen the other videos my friends showed me about funny other K-POP groups, but I don't even smirk while watching them.


    Until I ran out of Knowing Brothers Heechul.

    I need more

    I crave more of Heechul's savageness.

    So I made up my mind

    And watched Heechul being funny with his other member.

    And I thought. 'hahaha, they're pretty funny too'

    Then I watched the other video of SUJU.

    And STILL! I DON'T LISTEN TO THEIR MUSIC. Because my innocent mind thought 'I'm just here for the gag. I won't be long'

    But then they started talking about their songs in their jokes.

    And my curiosity got the better of me.

    I watched their songs.


    It all came spiralling down to the black hole of SUJU SINCE THEN.

    And NOW I'M A SUJU TRASH (EXCLUSIVELY, I'm picky, mind you)
    I watched every video and I learned more about their characters, talents, love for each other, talent, and charms. I fell in love with their personalities and characters and how they interact with each other.


    It's been two weeks or more since I started watching that Heechul Knowing Brothers video.

    Now I'm officially addicted.

    I… I… Am an ELF now.

    PS: Don't send help. I like where I am.

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