Here are 10 Ico development and interesting video game facts. Team Ico has released Ico and Shadow of Colossus with The Last Guardian highly anticipated! Ico is a puzzle-platformer and action-adventure game developed by Team Ico and published by Sony Computer Entertainment, released for the PlayStation 2 video game console in 2001

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32 thoughts on “Top 10: Interesting Facts About Ico

  1. How did switching to the PS2 solve all their problems with animation? I feel like a line or two was accidentally dropped from the script here.

  2. One interesting fact: in the PAL version there's a machine jump that is nearly impossible… Thats only in the PAL version and the reason for that is because that was done later and added some stuff, the jumping machine been the worst. Great game tough.

  3. wait wait wait hold on …So when Wander got sucked in to that pool thing he turned into a baby And umm someone told me that baby is Ico? what the wtf?ive played this game ages ago and im still dumbfounded cant even figured this shit out till now

  4. fact number 9: if i REALLY REALLY want to know what yorda is saying i can just buy the pal version and play through the New Game + mode. the new game plus mode offers some really cool features such as replacing the secret mace with a secret lightsaber, translating all of yordas dialogue to english, a secret ending, extra filter settings in the options, and even a 2 player mode where player 2 can control yorda. so this video is a fail right off the bat because it takes literally 5 minutes of googling to learn this shit.

  5. first is Shadow of the colossus then Ico and then The last guardian
    cause shadow of colossus has it going and the horned children come from the main character from it
    then its Last guardian cause there we see more of the magic used and lastly
    Ico cause there are lazer swords magic doors and you could see the castle from Shadow of colossus

  6. In english the "eye" sound /I/ is a diphthong, as in "ah"-"ee." Japanese uses syllabic kana that generally represents consonant-vowel pairs (ka, ke, ki, ko = か, け, き, こ or カ, ケ, キ, コ). As such, pronunciation is usually pretty clear. In this case Ico is written "イコ” and pronounced /i-koʊ/ or ee-coe. In japanese the /I/ or "eye" diphthong would be written out as アイコ or あいこ (ah-ee-coe).
    TLDR: It's ee, not eye.

  7. #6 is bullshit. There is no way you can get me to believe that Ico, a game that starts with a boy with horns, being sacrificed and meeting a magical girl, who has to fight the shadow monsters of previously sacrificed boys, has nothing to do with the follow up game that is all about a boy trying to wake up a girl (that looks pretty similar to Yorda) using magic by sacrificing himself, and then ends with that boy being turned into a baby with horns.

  8. If you're going to do a trivia video, at least learn how to pronounce the name of the game correctly! But then maybe this is something you have trouble with – see 'The Nostalgia of the Infininte' 😂

  9. Please, anybody can write what he says in the video? I do not understand many of the words because of the accent, and automatic title to say the least not very much. I will be very grateful!

  10. I don't wanna be a hater. But fact 6 was pretty bad.
    You say fans made many theories that the shadows are linked.
    And the only thing you said was "no, they're actually not"
    Providing no evidence what so ever.
    The fans gave me more information on this so I will believe them. Not you.

  11. So disappointed you guys think that ICO and Shadow of the Colossus are not at all related. That just shows that NO RESEARCH at all went into this video

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