Turmoil Part 1 – the second game from my 250,000 subscriber stream that’s made it to YouTube – Turmoil! I enjoyed playing it a lot, so I think I’ll make a short series out of it. Future videos of this game will be edited differently though, this one was just so you guys could get a taste for the game.
Edited by: Tyler

Turmoil is the legendary oil drilling strategy game where you gain power and influence in an 1800s wild west town by drilling for oil. Sell oil to gain money, use the money to buy better machinery, and use the better machinery to mine more oil. Beat out three other oil princes for control of the city!

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31 thoughts on “Turmoil – The Legendary Oil Drilling Strategy Game

  1. So I've had this video sitting around unlisted for over three months now, about time I make it public. I made this so long ago that my outro pic didn't have Baba in it yet. Hope you all are excited for a couple more Turmoil vids!

  2. Hi Tyler In turmoil you can make a gas pocket bigger by building around it with pipes and then closing up all the joints that will make the pipe turn another color and let you use more gas in the late game I hope this will help.

  3. This is one of those games where people scream about what an idiot you were, completely forgetting about what idiots they were back when they started playing or watching people play this game. I sure do like the game though. I keep finding myself coming back to it.

  4. Making fun of your opponents will hit you in the rear end when you start to notice how they have 200000 while your sitting with your flimsy 20-50000 by spending on upgrades these idiots don’t mess around later on watch out also upgrade them horses

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