Today we’re playing Fiora Top and this game highlights why raw mechanics are not everything and game knowledge matters… a lot. Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Fiora Top Gameplay.

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WHY GAME KNOWLEDGE MATTERS ON FIORA! – Climb to Master S9 | League of Legends

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45 thoughts on “WHY GAME KNOWLEDGE MATTERS ON FIORA! – Climb to Master S9 | League of Legends

  1. Legend! This gives some real insight into game knowledge and how to deal with a horrible team. You remained calm while your team were ready to quit at every stage. Something I will work on. Thank you!

  2. I agree about the lines directed towards specific champs. Especially the Morgana to teemo lines, well any yordle. And the morgana and kayle smash talking even when their on the same team lol

  3. ok ok you are higher elo then me. im not hating on you dont hate on me. maybe its different in your elo. but when i go against aatrox, riposte on his w is good yes. but personally i try to bait his third Q. not only will it cancel its damage and you can stun off its knockup. he will always be in prime position for follow ups. and it also puts his Q on a longer CD if he uses the third proc.

  4. Tbh you have no mechanics on fiora, you perma W on bad timing. "game knowledge" we obviously can say you probably gave them the win, if you used some wards or Simply just used your brain.. you never be 2 times in 1min dive btw. It's not like they dive you at 100% hp 2 times when u had summoners spell.

  5. I usually ban Riven or Kennen, I hate those two so much. Riven just does loads of dmg and kennen just pokes you and when you go in he can just use his mobility spell and 2500g Protobelt to escape. That's bullshit btw

  6. Okay, I can see why some of these things happen to me and that's because I'm still kinda new to the game. So mechanically I'm okay but knowledge is still on the low end. I literally get so annoyed watching some of these gameplays because I see the mistakes and even I know better in most cases. These are diamond players and it hurts to see.

  7. Also I hate when players are like "Top difference" and things like that…. That is NOT why the game goes downhill LOLLLL God, this community gets shittier and shittier every year…..

  8. Ever thought of playing/streaming the souls type games, or Sekiro, or even Outward? You pick games apart pretty well and open peoples eyes to mechanics, tips, tricks, and the like. I would be down to watch you play games of that sort.

  9. So i know your not playing to lecture your team but if them lacking knowledge is what is making it hard to play/win why not just give em the old "we outscale them even if aatrox is strong, play defensive" like lee sin was probably thinking he had to make a big play all game and turn it around. Idk just seemed like a game where itd have been worth to actually speak up rather then just get annoyed by their lack of game knowledge

  10. When a zed ulties you as fiora, you can simply parry his 3 shurikens to take literally 0 damage from his mark, a bit tough to do, but you seemed paniced about the parry there, no hate just advice 🙂

  11. 31:59 um what???? deval from red team is being salty that his mid laner picked zed in s9??? um zed is one of the best mid laners this season. he has been consistently one of the best solo q mid laners this season. this guy plays the champ. so why wouldnt he pick the champ….complaining the zed did absolutely nothing…..zed got countered and out scaled what do you expect him to do???

  12. 22:45 very true. i focus on both game knowledge and mechanics. both my game knowledge and mechanics are pretty decent. can hold my own against plat players, as a bronze player. (currently cant manage to get out of bronze, any advice? keep in mind that i rarely have a bad game myself, most of the time i win lane or go just about even in lane, and i rarely get caught out in mid-late game, my positioning is generally solid and when a team fight goes poorly for us i can usually manage to even out the results a tad bit, most of my ranked games that are loses come down to feeders, and wierd picks, cheese picks that dont work out, an example of which would be yasuo jungle, or irelia support, or ryze adc. is there any way to maybe up the chances of winning those games? or are they just doomed from the beginning? any advice to help me out would be greatly appreciated huzzy. and awesome vid man.

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